7 Tips for Better Sleep Naturally

It’s 2019 and the phrase “life in the fast lane” has never been more relevant. With access to literally everything at our fingertips it’s hard not to feel invincible; food, news, advice, entertainment; they are all just a click away. One thing we can’t order up is our health. Fitness and wellness have been on the rise for the past few years (win!)  but what about our sleep health? A good night’s sleep plays a huge role in mental and physical performance, so why are we putting it on the back burner? Time to kick the bad habits to curb and start making sleep a priority.

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How Does Leptin Affect Your Weight?

Why is it that every time we all try something new we feel stuck? The weight is not moving? Is it just me? Or how about this scenario, I lose the weight and gain it all back? I blame the yo-yo diets or maybe my lack of “strong will power” as a reason for my failures.

Oddly enough, it might be none of those things. Modern weight gain and obesity research has found a correlation with the hormone Leptin and the predicament many of ourselves find ourselves in!

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Sucralose & Your Gut

One thing everyone can agree on is that SUGAR contains calories, and a lot of them. Whether you are sugar conscious or not, since we were kids we were always told “Don’t eat all that sugar” but what I did not know was the VAST amount of natural versus artificial sugars that are out there! So what is a gal to do?

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I'm Breaking Up with Pre-Workout Coffee

Caffeine is an important part of my day and there are many health benefits from antioxidants to cognitive function. Unfortunately, some days 2 cups can turn into 3 or 4 depending on how I slept the night before or if I know I have a hard workout planned. Coffee is a natural stimulate but in excess can cause anxiousness, trouble sleeping, and sometimes in large quantities panic attacks. I wanted to try something new with my routine and see if I could have a different outcome without all the coffee. Queue Fuel-5 and Fuel-5+.

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Blue Light Special

First, let’s talk about blue light. The light spectrum is made up of different rays of light: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The rays on the red side of the spectrum have less energy and longer wavelengths while  the violet side has more energy and shorter wavelengths. Blue light in particular, has a very short wavelength and produces high amounts of energy that can be harmful to eyes. Most people assume blue light comes from artificial lighting but the main source of blue light is actually the sun.

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