Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is the Fittest Woman On Earth

on July 28, 2014

Xendurance athlete, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, was recently crowned “Fittest Woman on Earth".

This 5-foot-2, 25-year-old chemical engineering student from Richelieu, Que., placed first at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif., in the women's individual competition.

Cami started CrossFit training five years ago and became an Xendurance athlete approximately two years ago. The sport of CrossFit involves a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity interval training. Cami spends two to four hours a day training and she says if she feels good, she may even train 6 days per week. To keep this brutal training regimen up she turned to the flagship product of the Xendurance line of sports nutrition, Extreme Endurance.

Cami says, “If I could only have one product in my training bag, it would be Extreme Endurance!" This sports supplement has been clinically proven to reduce lactic acid by 15% and improve aerobic threshold by double digits. This is why Cami says, “I love this stuff!" It keeps her soreness down so she can go out and train hard the next day.

On her normal training days, Cami takes 6 tablets of Extreme Endurance per day; just like a multi-vitamin. One week out from an event or competition, she will increase the dosage to 8 tablets per day. Cami takes Extreme Endurance everyday of the year.

A recent question from RX Review, (a Cross-functional online magazine) about the effects of Extreme Endurance received this reply from Cami:

Man I love that product! Everyone questions if it works for real, but seriously, everyone that I have given it to can't get rid of it because it works so well. It's super simple and really makes you recover faster. I mean I just did the Open workout two-hours ago and I'm totally fine and even did some sprinting afterwards!

The beauty about the product is that I'm not really sore anymore and I always feel great to train. And when I train it has really helped me stay more focussed and less negative. And I hit the wall later as well!

To hear more about how Cami became “Fittest Woman on Earth" read the full article here:


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