Fuel What Matters Podcast Episode 14: Braxton Wright & AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC

In episode 14, CEO Jason St Clair chats with Braxton Wright of Chemi Nutra, the company behind AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC. We discuss how this nootropic is leagues above the rest, the benefits of AlphaSize® on the human brain and how it works seamlessly in our Focus formula. Listen to the full episode today!

Braxton Wright has a Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition and is a sales manager for Chemi Nutra. Chemi Nutra is committed to offering the world's highest quality, leading-edge nutraceuticals, delivered with a commitment to the highest safety and quality standards. Chemi continues to invest significantly in research, technology development, and commercial production, as well as the introduction of innovative nutritional ingredient products.


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