Every Rep Counts - Thanks for the Great Creatine-JB Reviews!

on January 18, 2016

Every rep counts…and that is why Xendurance is committed to help. Xendurance's revolutionary athletic performance formula is perfect for those days you feel pushed and for those you need to push back.

Clinically proven to improve performance and recovery during high intensity training with our tried & tested product formulas and advanced ingredients built to boost your workouts and performance, Xendurance Products are here to help you push your daily limits and achieve elite results and keep you healthy year-round.

Case in point: Read what others are saying about our Creatine-JB supplementation and how its has greatly improved their areas of maximum strength and endurance

Amazon Customer: "Xendurance... So much wow. Before Xendurance I was but a young lad...My endurance hath now doubled if not tripled during my workouts. My GAINZ hath increased at an alarming but pleasant pace. The results from this product are results I only thought possible in a dream, But alas that is not true. I thank Xendurance for making my dreams cometh true."

Ashley: "Best creatine on the market. Everyone assumes that creatine is a protein that "bloats" people. I am competitive female CrossFitter that can attest that this creatine does not "bloat" me whatsoever. In fact, it actually helps with my face break outs and helps regulate hormones. I recommend ALL my lady clients & male, (of course), to take this product religiously."

Winter: "Xendurance Creatine has allowed me to train with high volume while gaining strength. The creatine formula used does not cause bloating and helps with not only muscle strength but muscular endurance is also increased. I would recommend Xendurance creatine to anyone trying to increase their fitness level."

Brad: "I started using Creatine JB about 6 months ago. I am amazed at the muscle gains i have experienced as well as my increased endurance with my workouts. I have tried tons of products and this is the best one out there. Thanks Xendurance for this great product. I love it!!"