How Do You Fuel Your Body for Workouts?

on January 09, 2017

We take the time to get dressed to go to the gym but so many times we find ourselves "out of gas" right in the middle of the workout. You need to fuel your body to get the best results out of the time you put in.

A couple key questions for us all to consider, Coach Laura with asks:

"Have you ever found yourselves 'out of gas' right in the middle of your workout?"
"Are you fueling your body for workouts?"

For those of us who take the time to make it to the gym whether our intent is a long or short workout period, we must make sure we are fueling our bodies.

Why? A fueled body is equipped to deliver the best results!

How? As Coach Laura shares her personal endorsement of our sports nutrition supplements within in her latest Wildfire Crossfit article, she has tested her workouts with Xendurance Fuel 5 and Creatine JB, and she tells us how she has noticed a such a difference our products have made in her own fitness journey.

"Feeding your body is just as important as the workouts and exercise you do." - Coach Laura