Proud Sponsor Of The Phoenix Throwdown

on August 28, 2014

WE are proud to sponsor the Phoenix Throwdown!

Europa Phoenix Throwdown 2014. This is a large scale, 30,000$ prize money Functional Fitness event. Individuals, Master, Youth and TEAMs. 2 Day event.

PHX Throwdown is a Fitness Event Competition. This will be the largest, biggest prize purse in the Southwest this year. Show up and see where you stand with athletes from around the world. There are specific divisions for age/gender and ability. From Youth 12 year olds to Masters 40+. This two day event will test your all around athletic skills and fitness. Individual athletes RX/Scaled will compete in 4-5 separate events Saturday and TEAM/Masters/Youth will compete Sunday in the 4-5 events as well. Prize money is broken up amongst the divisions. In this competition we encourage you to participate Saturday as an individual then come back Sunday with your TEAM of 4 for another shot at the prize purse. This event will be large scale, full benefit, max overdrive good times. Sponsors will be on hand and intertwined within the event itself so prepare to take home a mountain of goodies. Numerous high level Pro/celebrity athletes have their commitments in but we will wait until the event draws closer to release just who will be here. Register sooner than later, each division has a certain number of open spots and once then fill.... Register Today