Proud to support Team Arise.

on April 03, 2014

-TEAM ARISE- Our Team's name is TEAM ARISE because we have risen from our injuries and have overcome the stigma that shelters us from achieving our goals as Disabled Veterans.

We recently had the oppertunity to work with Team Arise. They are a team of disabled veterans raising awareness for fello veterans with diabilities. They recently took part in the Warrior Dash in Houston Texas.

The team consisted of.

Rusty Brooks, SGT USMC served with 1/6 Infantry 1999-2003 and 1/7 Scout Sniper Platoon in Iraq 2004-2005. After returning home he was driven into a tree by a drunk driver at over 100 mph on July 12 2006. It took just under an hour to cut him out of the passenger side seat of the car. He was Halo Flighted to Memorial Herman Hospital where he died twice in the ER during emergency surgery. As a result of his injuries, his left leg was amputated seven months later. He spent a total of nine months in the hospital and underwent 69 surgeries.

He then went on to obtain his associates degree and started working for the Might Oaks Warrior Training Division of the Roever Foundation as a liaison, speaker, instructor, and mentor to help veterans fighting with PTSD and reintegration into society. He is now training to run triathlons to add to skydiving, Zip lining, white water rafting, and surfing to inspire others to live life to the fullest.

Rusty has returned to school to become certified as a life coach, and plans on obtaining his CSCS to be able to reach out to more people with the hopes of making a positive difference in people's lives.

Michael P Brown, Joined the USMC (United States Marine Corps) at age 19 on 07 OCT 1993.

Spent 4 yrs on active duty with the rank of Non Commission Officer (Corporal).

Spent 2 yrs as an Inactive Reservist for the Marine Corps in Texas.

Reentered Active Military Service by enlisting in the US ARMY on 27 FEB 2000 with the rank of Specialist and job title of Motor Transport Operator.

Deployed to OEF-5 in Afghanistan Feb'04 to Feb'05 where he earned a Bronze Star, an Army Accommodation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award and the Army Good Conduct Medal. Was injured in Afghanistan during deployment and Medically Discharged 06/06/06.

Spent 3 years in Iraq as an Embedded MRAP Mechanic for the DOD and 1 year with Triple Canopy. Was injured twice resulting in 4 surgeries. Artificial Disc Replacement, Titanium Cage and a Titanium Hip Replacement.

Now works as a Mobility Instructor for CRUSADERS TRAINING, LLC. Where he teaches US ARMY Soldiers Mobility and Recovery measures for the New IMG-MAXXPRO DASH MRAP.

Michael J Goss, joined the US Army on 01 April 1997

Achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant in 4 years

Did 2 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan

While on his first tour in Iraq, was featured in the documentary “Gunner Palace"

Left active duty in 2006 and was then featured in the documentary “How to Fold a Flag" which documented ex Soldiers as they battled PTSD and tried to acclimate to civilian life

Worked as a Private Security Detail for Blackwater USA, fugitive recovery agent, Loss Prevention Officer, and worked for Homeland Security

Now works as a Bail Bondsman in Corpus Christi Texas