SheMoves Collective

SheMoves Collective

Looking for a tribe of women to do yoga with - train with - write goals with - and share life's challenges? Then you need to hear this story. 

March 13, 2020, Sarah Barker was fresh off her flight to Scottsdale, AZ for the Xendurance 2020 Summit when she received a text; the event is cancelled. 

This ultra busy mother of four was not only looking forward to learning more about the health and wellness company she represents, but she had also been invited to speak at the national event. She did not have the option of immediately getting on a plane to get back home to Mississippi, so went to Xendurance HQ and decided to make the best of it.

The little known Covid-19 virus was just beginning to cause a ripple across the entire planet and people and businesses were reacting. Other attendees that had also been en route were just as disappointed. Xendurance, however, made a quick pivot and decided to go virtual with their Summit meeting. The few who made it to Scottsdale received an intimate look into this science-driven company called Xendurance.

Here is where providence took hold. Sarah met Emily Barna that weekend and recalls her feeling an instant connection when Emily was sharing with a group of women gathered at the company’s headquarters and used the exact same 3 words Sarah had included in her power point presentation for the Summit the next day: Communication, Connection and Community. The two became instant friends and connected on social media immediately.

Just days later, both were back home with their families when the world officially “shut down” due to the pandemic. Naturally, Sarah and Emily documented their daily at-home workouts on their social media accounts and encouraged each other by commenting on their workout choices. 

Within only a matter of a day or two, the wheels began to turn when they were both complaining to each other about how boring and difficult it was to workout all alone at home...

Both were mothers, fitness enthusiasts and coaches and it seemed like their worlds had just flipped upside down. Sarah suggested reaching out to a few other TeamXND ladies and setting a time to workout together via Zoom, just so they wouldn’t have to do it alone. Emily enthusiastically agreed and one Face time call later, the tiny flames were beginning to ignite of something way bigger than themselves...

In the first week of the quarantine, these two women did what women do - They made something happen!

Sarah and Emily didn't accept their predicament. Their rationale? All the women they knew would want to continue working out so they decided they would go virtual. This just made sense. They would create an online workout schedule and keep training with their friends.

SheMoves was born.

SheMoves became a supercharged, women’s community that encouraged women to work out from home “together” and build a network of support and accountability. In their own words; We decided that at-home workouts were hard enough to do on our own but they were also SO BORING without our peeps with us, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when most of us are staying home and all our gyms are closed! So one thing led organically to another and we decided to start an online fitness community where we could do workouts via Zoom so we could “see” other ladies also working alongside us! That’s SO much more fun and we are way more accountable during our workouts, not to mention it helped us all not feel so “alone” during the pandemic of COVID-19.”

As the world began slowly opening back up and people began returning to work and to their gyms, SheMoves evolved into the SheMoves Collective, providing a unique community of mental health, mindfulness, goal setting and yes, of course, moving together. The collective part is embracing the young and old, the very fit and the ones just starting their journey...and those needing a hug AND encouragement. Besides, let’s be real: women love any excuse to be together, right? 

Sarah and Emily have spearheaded the free online workouts (of which 133 live workouts have been recorded and uploaded to our SheXND YouTube Channel for free access) and Xendurance has come alongside them with support, supplements - and awesome swag bags for SheMoves Collective events.

What is a SheMoves Collective and how do I find out more?

A recent SheMoves Collective was held in Wetumpka, Alabama. Misti Flomer, TeamXND member & SheMoves online coach is the owner of Next Level Boot Camp. She planned an incredible weekend-long event for her gym members where the focus was not just on fitness, but on building community, building each other, and of course building healthier bodies! The response was incredible and the ladies continued the fun and accountability by doing a group-wide In Motion Challenge. 

SheMoves Collective events are growing around the country. Women who gave their time and energy during the worst of Covid have raised their hand and said, I want to host a SheMoves event! Xendurance generously contributes to the events in meaningful ways and the women have an excuse to gather, talk, move their bodies and create new friendships. TeamXND members who wish to apply to host a SheMoves Collective can fill out this form

Here is a taste of what SheMoves Collective is all about - watch this video to learn more!

With so many difficult times, beautiful things come from it - SheMoves Collective was born because two like-minded, passionate women saw a problem and came up with a solution, albeit a selfish one at first--they just didn’t want to work out alone! But so much beauty and light has organically come as a result. And they’re just getting started!

And as Sarah says, "Find your friends that watch you conquer your goals & become a better version of yourself…and cheer you on as your hype squad!

....It’s not always about who says they love you…it’s the ones who show it. With their time, their energy, their support, their truth & their respect. Surround yourself with those people. Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Want to learn more? We’d love to have you as part of our community. 


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