[VIDEO] Fueling Strategy for 100 Mile American Record Holder Zach Bitter

on January 22, 2016

Watch 100-mile American record holder, Zach Bitter, share about his personal fueling strategy that he uses to train and race.

California ultrarunner and Xendurance athlete, Zach Bitter successfully lowered his own American record for the 100 miles on December 19, 2015 at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational in Phoenix, AZ. Watch the video to hear how Zach cruised around the track at the invitational at Central High School to run 7:00 miles per mile for the 100 miles and finish the race with his new American record in 11:40:55.

Video Transcript - Zach Bitter:

"First of all, I like to use Extreme Endurance in my training and racing. Basically, I'll take three (3) of these in morning and three (3) of these at night as a way to buffer lactic acid and leave me feeling more fresh and less sore after a hard workout. I like to use Hydro X as an electrolyte supplement, and I like to use Fuel 5 as a way to sneak carbohydrates in my training to give me an extra boost.

So, I follow a low-carbohydrate diet most of the time. The idea there is that I am optimizing my ability to metabolize fat. But, I also use carbohydrates very strategically in training and racing on some of the longer, harder training sessions, I will sneak in carbohydrates as a way of giving me that high octane fuel source. And on race day, I'll do the same.

On those type of workouts, I'll usually do a scoop of Fuel 5 during the workout. If it's a really long, I'll probably do two scoops. I really like this product because if has five (5) souces of carbohydrate that all release at varying times, so I get that quick burst of energy as well the long-sustaining burst of energy from the slower carbohydrate.

The Hydro X - I will use a lot more frequently in my trainings especially on hotter days when I am trying to replace those electrolytes. I'll usually do a scoop of Hydro X before and maybe a scoop ruing a long, hard effort.

At Desert Solstice, my go-to strategy was 1/2 bottle of water with 1 scoop of Fuel 5 and 1 scoop of Hydro X. It was relatively cool at Desert Solstice, so I didn't need more than 1/2 a bottle.

If it is a hot day in training, I would definitely go a full bottle of water with a scoop of HydroX and a scoop of Fuel 5 if I am trying to sneak those carbohydrates in on that workout."