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Hydro Stix

    Hydro Stix

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    Stay Hydrated All Day Long!

    Hydro Stix are an easy, on-the-go solution to staying hydrated all day long. Hydro Stix contains just 1 gram of sugar compared to leading energy drinks which may contain up to 32 grams of sugar per serving. Combined with premium electrolytes, Hydro Stix contains an ingredient called Sustamine®. This powerful ingredient promotes increased absorption of water into the cells helping to improve muscle recovery and energy. Hydro Stix targets muscle cramping and can be taken any time during the day or whenever you need to rehydrate and recharge.*

    • Premier blend of electrolytes*
    • Lactate - body's preferred fuel, efficient energy*
    • Sustamine® - rapid absorption and rehydration*
    • Natural flavoring, low sugar
    • Informed-Choice & Informed-Sport Certified**
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    Hydro helps your body 

    Absorb more water!

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    Premium Electrolyte 

    Electrolytes are minerals that help regulate the fluids in your bloodstream. They play a role in keeping your muscles functioning, regulating blood pressure and just allow your body to perform at your optimum level. Premium electrolytes are those that are “chelated”. Chelated minerals are wrapped and smuggled into your body in a special way to make them more bioavailable - or more effective. 

    Sustamine® for
    Rapid Absorption

    Patented hydration technology, Sustamine®, is added to enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines, stimulate glycogen synthesis (energy) and promote protein synthesis to help rebuild and recover. Sustamine® is a patented, unique dipeptide that helps the body rehydrate!

    Lactate for

    Approximately 1/3 of your total carbohydrate energy is from lactate; the rest is from blood glucose and muscle glycogen. Lactate is the body’s preferred fuel over glucose. Your body will use lactate first so the more lactate you use during exercise, the less muscle glycogen you have to use, which means your glycogen stores will last longer. 

    Your Thirst

    Hydro Stix was formulated to mix easily with other Xendurance products such as: Fuel-5, Focus and Creatine-JB. The taste is mild and thin in consistency so it blends into a refreshing drink any time of the day!



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