5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

on January 02, 2019

Let’s be honest, every time fall comes around we are worried of the dreaded Flu Season. Nothing can ruin your holiday cheer than the chills, fever, and cold sweats. Living a healthy and active lifestyle will help prevent those flu bugs from biting, but what other ways can you help protect your Immune System? While we cannot promise you won’t be visited by a cold or flu this fall and winter season, we can offer some insights on how to keep your Immune System fighting strong!

Top 5 ways To Support Your Immune System

5. Wash Your Hands. Sharing is not caring in this scenario. Frequently washing your hands will help you keep those germs off your hands! Also remember to keep your hands away from your mouth and eyes will help not allow germs to spread. If you encounter people sneezing or coughing, politely ask them to not shake your hand or hug you to also help prevent the spreading of germs!

4. Stay Active. Not only can regular exercise lower stress, but research indicates that exercise can stimulate the immune system and promote healthy sleep. In a recent study reported in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, scientists found that modest exercise may prevent the elderly from getting colds and flu.

3. Get Sleep. Sleep is our bodies natural way to recover and rejuvenate. Regardless of the time of the year getting some good zzz’s will keep your body and mind healthy. This is especially crucial during the flu season to help combat any virus’ that might be going around. Set a daily time that you want to hit the hay and shut down electronic devices about an hour before bed. That means kill that instagram mindless scrolling and you might want to put on some white noise to take you into a restful sleep.

2. Stay Hydrated. Increasing your water intake will help you stay healthy and lessen the chance of you coming down with flu. While up taking water is great for you, keep your body rehydrated with electrolytes! These electrolytes will make sure your body is absorbing the water more efficiently and you are staying hydrated longer! Check out our Hydration products for more info!

1. Increase your Vitamin and Antioxidant Intake. Taking daily vitamins are more important during flu seasons because your body is already in a compromised position. If you are a regular vitamin consumer that is great! But be aware of how much your body needs and other antioxidants and vitamins that are NOT in your general daily multi-vitamin. We developed a super packed multivitamin for both men and women that also includes multiple antioxidants to build a strong immune system! Find out more here!

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