7 Reasons To Switch To Cruelty Free Skincare ASAP

7 Reasons To Switch To Cruelty Free Skincare ASAP | Xendurance
7 Reasons To Switch To Cruelty Free Skincare ASAP | Xendurance

The demand for cruelty free products is growing all over the world. 

According to a recent Neilsen poll, 57% of consumers prefer buying products with the “not tested on animals” label. Unfortunately, only 43% of the research respondents were willing to pay more for cruelty free skincare products. 

Investing in skincare products that are not tested on animals can positively impact the environment. Based on a report from PETA, over a million animals were either killed or tortured for animal experimentation

The testing may include skin burning, poisoning, toxic substance inhalation, drug administration, or other procedures that may hurt or traumatize the animals. 

If you need more convincing to switch to cruelty-free beauty and skincare products, keep reading. You may consider the following points below to start throwing out your animal-tested makeups or skincare items and replace them with animal-friendly options. 


What Is Cruelty Free Skincare?  

The term “cruelty free” is not only used to describe items that did not use animal testing in any part of their development and production. In the skincare industry, it means that the products bearing the label were developed and used ingredients not tested on any animals. 

In the skincare industry, products bearing the label were developed and used ingredients not tested on any animals. 


Why Is Cruelty Free Skincare Crucial?

Aside from battling animal cruelty, cruelty free skincare also comes with numerous benefits for your body. These products are usually free from harmful additives, harsh chemicals, and toxins. Thus, they are healthier for your skin, hair, and nails. 

Most importantly, these items usually use natural ingredients that will less likely provide adverse side effects on your skin and overall well-being. 

Here are the top reasons to ditch your typical skincare products and switch to sustainable and animal-friendly alternatives. 

Reason #1: Animal Testing is Harsh

Testing beauty and skincare products on animals can hurt these creatures. Companies that resort to these practices are not only using laboratory rats to do their research. 

Instead, they also use other animals like frogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, birds, and even cats and dogs to check the efficacy of their goods. 

Aside from forcing these creatures to inhale fumes or apply toxic chemicals on their skin, most are also immobilized for hours. These activities can lead to their death. So if you hate to see animals hurt in any way, then stop buying animal-tested products. 

Reason #2: Animal Testing is Unnecessary 

Some companies argue that if they do not use animals to test their products during the research and development phase, they may have to do the test on people. But in reality, manufacturers need human trials to ensure that the items work according to their purpose. 

The National Institutes of Health report states that 95% of all drugs and other products that pass animal tests fail during human trials. These items are either unfit for human consumption or do not work. 

In addition, some side effects on humans could not be identified during animal tests. Because of this, tests using animals are not 100% effective. 

Reason #3: There Are Plenty of Safer Cosmetic Ingredients 

Manufacturers test their products on animals because they believe certain ingredients need further research. These tests are used to see if the chemicals included in the product are safe for human use before selling to consumers. 

But if the skincare manufacturers use organic or natural ingredients, users can be assured that their items are safe. Using natural ingredients also ensures the product has fewer to no toxins that can be harmful to humans.  

Reason #4: Several Countries Ban Animal Testing

It is illegal to test products on animals in several countries. According to the Humane Society, the members of the European Union issued a ban on cosmetic testing on animals in 2013. The EU also prohibits selling animal-tested cosmetic products to the public.

Other countries like Switzerland, Israel, India, Norway, Mexico, and Iceland passed the same regulations. In the US, states like California, Illinois, Maine, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, and New Jersey enacted laws to stop the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. 

In addition, the governments of Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Colombia, Guatemala, Turkey, and several Brazilian states also implemented laws to limit or ban cosmetic animal testing.  

Reason #5: Buying Cruelty Free Skincare Products Support Sustainable Businesses 

You might be sad to let go of your go-to beauty products because they are not cruelty-free. But if you look at the brighter side, you will discover plenty of different companies that produce better products that your skin will appreciate. 

Small businesses and several multinational skincare brands are starting to embrace the public’s demand for sustainable and animal-friendly products. You can check if the item you are about to purchase comes from a certified Leaping Bunny brand. 

Reason #6: Cruelty Free Beauty and Skincare Products Are Easy on the Pocket

Most of the time, organic and sustainable cosmetic items are cheaper than non-cruelty free skincare lines due to their chemical components. Some luxury brands that continue to conduct animal testing are sold at hefty prices.

So if you are on a budget, you can look for sustainable skincare lines with the same or even better quality than the expensive brands. You can check the item’s packaging to see if the manufacturer passed the cruelty free standard. 

Reason #7: You Will Look and Feel Better 

Since cruelty free products do not contain as many toxic ingredients as regular items, your skin is in good hands. You will prevent exposing your skin to harmful chemicals that may eventually cause further damage to your body. 

Also, the thought that you did not contribute to innocent animals' suffering will make your switch more worthwhile. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cruelty Free Skincare Products 

What Are the Requirements to be Considered Cruelty Free? 

The brands claiming to be cruelty free must prove that they do not test their ingredients or finished products on any animals at any point of production. The brand’s suppliers or third-party contacts should also eliminate any animal testing in their processes. 

Are All Cruelty Free Brands Vegan? 

Not exactly. Cruelty free products mean no animal tests are done in the item's production. However, it does not mean the product can be considered vegan since it may contain animal byproducts like milk or honey. 

Are Cruelty Free Products Good for the Environment? 

Definitely! Since manufacturers do not use harmful chemicals to produce their products, they use a lesser environmental footprint. These brands also use fewer toxic chemicals affecting the soil, waterways, and air. 

Make the Big Switch to Cruelty Free Skincare Products Today

Investing in skincare products that do not hurt animals will make you feel better. By supporting businesses that practice more sustainable testing, you can save the lives of millions of animals. 

So if you want to make yourself beautiful from the inside and out, spending your money on cruelty free products should be your number one priority. 

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