Xendurance Supplementation for Josh Bridges

on July 21, 2015

"I'm Josh Bridges. I've been doing CrossFit for 10 years.

I wake up. I eat my breakfast, I take my Xendurance, and I'll take a little bit of fish oil.

In the morning, I'll get my workout in.

Depending upon the workout I do in the morning; sometimes I take my Xendurance Xecute, prior to the workout. If not, I'll take it right after the workout.

Right after the workout, I will get my creatine in with a little bit of hydro. And the Hydro, I drink throughout the day. Hydro-X, that stuff just tastes good. And of course, it's always good for hydration.

At night again, I'll take my Extreme Endurance product and then I normally have another protein shake, another Xecute.

They didn't go the cheap right to find cheap products to put in the product. They use the best ingredients.

I wanted feel more powerful. I wanted to recover faster. I wanted to have more endurance and stamina when I am working out.

I believe taking Creatine-JB has helped me with that. Taking Creatine-JB with Extreme Endurance is a powerful combo for performance and recovery.

Every person I know that tries it, loves it. They say how good they feel after they start taking it. The product speaks for itself. Once you start taking it, you're not going to go anywhere else."


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