Xendurance's Immunity Bundle | Immune Support for Endurance Athletes

on January 20, 2016

Let's face it, the cold and flu is upon us, so we must work to ensure our immune systems are up to the challenge. Especially if you are training to boost your endurance as you work toward the next personal record, you need additional immune-system support. As an endurance athlete, by nature of your training, put yourself in danger of a decrease immune response. The stress of training and competition has a great impact on our ability to fight infection. Intense training can further depress the immune system.

Xendurance's Immunity Bundle is a great stack to

help your defenses and boost your immunity.

Extreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance is a revolutionary athletic performance formula created by athletes for athletes. This formula has a published, Gold-Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study backing up claims of 15% reduction in lactic acid and a double digit increase in aerobic threshold. Many companies make claims on individual ingredients but Extreme Endurance has a published study on the formula itself. Each batch of Extreme Endurance is tested to ensure that it is not contaminated with banned substances to provide additional reassurance for elite athletes.


Omega contains one of the highest dosages of EPA (600 mg) and DHA (400 mg) on the market today. Balanced fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHAs found in fish oil, are essential for normal brain function, cardiovascular health, joint movement, immune function, healthy skin and anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Promotes cardiovascular health and wellness.

  • Reduced inflammation from arthritis and better joint function.

  • Promotes healthy skin and eyes.

  • Supports normal brain function.

  • Benefits the immune system.

Immune Boost

Daily multi-vitamin for men & women, optimally formulated to help nourish cells, tissues and body organs against damaging free radical attacks. Immune Boost is a comprehensive formula of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients specifically chosen to help assist the immune system and provide steady nutrient support.

Immune Boost is a powerful, daily multivitamin, antioxidant-phytonutrient formula engineered and built with pharmaceutical grade nutrients to maximize the bodies' ability to build and maintain a strong immune system.

During moderate and strenuous workouts, your body goes through several internal disruptions including increased body acid, micro muscle tears, trauma to the muscles, inflammation and severe oxidative attacks. Immune Boost was built to help protect against these severe internal disruptions.

Help keep your immune system strong and make Immune Boost your #1 daily supplement!