How Extreme Endurance Works to Improve Athletic Performance

on February 10, 2016

Extreme Endurance is scientifically engineered and developed to systematically address the biochemical changes that occur in an athlete's body during intense exercise and competition. These changes do not discriminate between athletes. They happen to every athlete and encompass a wide range of internal disruptions including an increase in body acid, microscopic tears and trauma to the muscles, oxidation stress, muscle inflammation, and suppression of the immune system.

A more commonly used term in athletics to describe this disruption: hitting the wall.

That's why pharmaceutical grade compound systematically engineered are added to this performance-based formula to help neutralize these biochemical changes. The bottom line is Extreme Endurance is backed by science and proven to work by world-class athletes around the world.

Extreme Endurance uses powerful but very safe buffers with powerful acid buffers engineered to release only in the small intestine not in your stomach. Our special nano absorption formula assures easy intestinal absorption with quick blood and muscle assimilation.

First System The first elemental compounds were added to buffer excess acid build up in your muscles and blood. The increased use of muscle glycogen for muscle energy produces hydrogen ions (acid). Several clinical studies show acidity reduces muscle power, physical endurance, and causes muscle burn and acid can also damage red blood cells. The dreaded red zone causes the acid in your blood to damage or roughen the surface of the red blood cells so they are unable to transport oxygen. These damaged cells will appear to look like stacks of coins stuck together. This lack of oxygen transport leads to an increase recovery time.

Second System The second system of compounds are added to address other biochemical changes. Papain a protease enzyme is a natural, powerful anti-inflammatory that quickly repairs microscopic muscle tears and relieves muscle soreness and pain. Catechins, one of the most powerful antioxidants, helps fight oxidated stress damage; and along with added electrolytes, help compete the ingredient package in this revolutionary, performance-based product.

Third System Part three of the Extreme Endurance performance formula is the proper dosage quantity. Extreme Endurance is designed to be used everyday all year long like a multi-vitamin.

If you train five to six times a week, take six tablets daily. (3 in the morning and 3 in the evening with or without food).

Then, five to seven days before a race, we recommend you increase your dosage to eight tablets a day (4 in the morning and 4 in the evenings) and continue these 8 tablets one day after the race. Then, you can drop back to six tablets per day.

This technique has been recommended by our top athletes, and they report it helps immensely with recovery.

Fourth System The fourth part of this performance formula is the testing. In a gold standard, double blind, placebo-controlled crossover study, 22 elite athletes were given a baseline test. Each athlete was given dosage protocol. Either compound A or compound B. Thirty days later when the crossover study was completed, the result showed that a ten-day usage by the 22 athletes reduced their lactic acid by 15% and increased their aerobic threshold by double digit (41%).

All athletes reported less muscule pain and soreness.

Fifth System The fifth and final part of the Extreme Endurance performance formula is a length manufacturing process that ensures a certified drug free system. Extreme Endurance has very stringent control of its raw material sourcing. This product is produced in an NSF certified, sanitized facility, which ensures its ingredient testing and analysis. And then after production, Extreme Endurance is tested by the largest sports lab in the world. HFL Science Center is located in the United Kingdom, and its testing of Extreme Endurance is done using gastromatography with mass spectramagnic detection and liquid chromatography with mass spectromagnetic detection.

The HCF testing is accredited to the ISO-117025 standard. This means that each and every production batch of Extreme Endurance is certified ISO-117025 tested drug free.

The Result Athletes using Extreme Endurance set new world and olympic records, set new course records. All of our athletes have set new personal records (PRs) in their training.

What sports nutrition product, what drug free product could do so much to improve athletic performance in a responsible way? The stopwatches and pinnacle results speak for themselves.

Prove it to yourself. Give Extreme Endurance a try. Order today.

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