Rebuild, recover, come back stronger.

on January 12, 2016

A finished workout is only the beginning. Proper nutrition is key to refueling, rehydrating and rebuilding your muscles after your endurance workouts. When athletes deplete their bodies to the point of physical and mention exhaustion, their work is not completed. They must replenish all that their bodies expended.

The rehydration, restoring and repairing of muscles will be key in a healthy post-workout recovery 30-45 minutes immediately after exercise to replenish and recharge your body after all that you just put it through.

Proper recovery is essential for any athlete to fuel your muscles after working out. It is vital to their growth.

Like Josh Bridges, your consuming Xendurance Recovery Protein immediately after your training session will initiate the rebuilding of damaged muscle tissue and restoration of energy reserves.

Rebuild, recover, come back stronger.