What Is Informed-Choice

on February 06, 2018

It’s the New Year, 2018, and billions of people with active lifestyles around the world continue to grow more interested in Sports Nutrition. Globally, the Sports Nutrition Supplement market accounted for over 28 billion USD in revenue during 2016, and is expected to exceed 45 billion USD by 2022.* There are thousands of brands and Sport Nutrition companies to choose from, but not all are created equal. Formulas are inconsistent across the landscape, many products lack scientific efficacy, and cross contamination with harmful substances occurs in facilities where products are produced side by side without consideration for purity. We are not those companies. Xendurance is proud to bear the mark of Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport Certification.

What is Informed-Choice?

  • Informed-Choice is a quality assurance program for Sports Nutrition products sold in the United States. It’s sister program, Informed-Sport monitors products sold globally.

  • Both programs are managed by LGC, a food and drug testing laboratory in the United Kingdom with operational history dating back to the 19th Century.

What kind of testing does LGC perform?

  • LGC performs “skip-lot” testing on certified products: this means that all products have a batch tested at least once a month to ensure they are free of banned or harmful substances.

  • If a user of a product should fail a drug test, a sample from that batch can be tested to discern whether or not it was tainted during the manufacturing process.

  • At any time, LGC can acquire a sample from any sales shelf available to consumers and perform tests for banned substances.

How do products earn certification?

  • Becoming a certified product is no simple task. LGC perform an audit of the manufacturing process, test raw materials, consider the security of the supply chain, and evaluate the products ingredients and label claims.

  • If these variables are exceeding expectations, 3 or more samples will be tested to ensure consistent findings.

  • Only after this rigorous evaluation can a product earn Informed-Choice or Informed-Sport certification.

Over 50 Xendurance Athletes are subjected to regular drug testing for banned substances. They cannot fail and our products cannot fail them. Informed-Choice guarantees them peace of mind and that our products contain exactly what they say they do. For this reason alone, Xendurance is proud to earn Informed-Choice and Informed Sport Certification.

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*Citations: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/01/10/904591/0/en/Global-Sports-Nutrition-Market-will-reach-45-27-Billion-by-2022-Zion-Market-Research.html

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