Xendurance Athlete and 2013 CrossFit Games (40-44) Champion Michael Moseley receives PUBLIC SAFETY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL

on November 19, 2015

The Xendurance team is thrilled to share the below press release that announces the achievement of our sponsored athletes, Michael Moseley along with his deputy partners. ===================

**** Pima County Sheriff's Department ****


On April 20, 2015, deputies from the Foothills Patrol District responded to a call for help involving a domestic violence altercation. The suspect was said to be in possession of a small handgun concealed under his shirt as he fled the scene before deputies could arrive.

Responding deputies located the suspect on Romero Road with what appeared to be a small handgun in his waistband. The suspect ignored commands to stop and continued to flee from deputies while making his way toward a nearby elementary school.

The school went on lock down and containment was set up in order to begin a focused search for the armed suspect. During the search, the suspect was again seen brandishing the handgun in an alley near the school. Deputies Timothy Bingham, Michael Moseley, David Obral, and Daniel Ruiz responded to the alley which was known to empty into the school parking lot.

There were only seconds to plan how to capture this dangerous suspect who was no longer running away, but walking down the alley toward the school. The deputies had to go down the narrow alley on foot with no cover or concealment from their vehicles. Each deputy knew they would be exposed to the armed suspect as they approached him in the alley.

The suspect got closer to the school parking lot and it was feared an unsuspecting child or staff member may encounter him. With the school as a backdrop, it made the use of force challenging for fear a child may get caught in the crossfire. Every time the suspect turned away, the four deputies would rapidly advance. Upon turning his back to the deputies one last time, they were able to get within ten feet. When the suspect turned around with the handgun still pointed at his head, he was startled to see the four determined deputies so close.

Deputies Bingham, Moseley, Obral, and Ruiz continued to give commands to the suspect to drop the weapon and discovered the handgun was actually two folding knives held together to resemble a gun. The suspect was startled, dropped the knives, and was taken into custody. The suspect made it known he wished to be shot and asked why the deputies had not shot him.

They gave commands for the suspect to stop and to drop the weapon to the ground. The suspect did not comply and continued toward the school, and pointed the handgun at his head. The suspect stopped to turn and face the deputies while still holding the gun to his head on several occasions.

During this entire incident, the deputies displayed tremendous courage and character while placing their own well-being at risk in order to serve our community and the innocent victims this suspect could have encountered. Their actions while in the face of danger, exemplified what it means to be a true public servant.

Great job everyone!


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