Xendurance: Great Products, Great Community

on March 10, 2017

Nate with Xendurance recently joined the team at Momentum Sports Fitness for 17.2 for an evening of competition with a flair of country & western. What a great event to meet some new and old friends.

Special thanks to the night's top female athlete (Courtney) who took the time to share a few thoughts with Nate from Xendurance.

Nate: "Do you feel like you've seen better performance when taking Xendurance as part of your supplementation?"

Courtney: "I do! I really appreciate the clean taste of everything… Protein is very easy to take…it's delicious."

Nate: "So, tell us how has your performance improved?"

Courtney: "I started my FRAN at a 234. I took Extreme Endurance of a week and ended up with a 217, so I shaved 17 seconds in just 1 week!"

If you're looking to see better results in your workouts, Extreme Endurance, Creatine-JB, Protein, and Fuel-5 are just a few of the great products we have.

Xendurance Sports Nutrition Affiliate Program

Momentum Sports Fitness gym owner was eager to share his thoughts on the Xendurance products as well as our own affiliate program:

"If you're an owner like us, you want to offer the very best possible for your members with as easy work as possible for you. So, if you're a business owner looking to increase some revenues, doing a preorder will not lose you money. I recommended Xendurance's affiliate program to everyone."