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Xnd In Motion

Is a movement designed to spur

Motion - Run, Lift, Yoga, or Spin!

Keep yourself accountable while earning up to $40 off your Xendurance order and a chance at winning our weekly $1,000! giveaway*

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XND in Motion

Is Changing Lives

Hear live testimonials of XND in Motion.

Getting Started with

XND in Motion

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XND from the Apple
App & Google Play Store

Open the XND

in Motion Feature

Submit how Moved

Keep yourself accountable for 21 consecutive or non- consecutive days!

Submit Video

On the 21st day submit a video testimonial for a chance to win $1,000!

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Enter the weekly

$1,000 giveaway*

On your 21st, you will be prompted to submit a video testimonial. Your testimonial will automatically enter you into the weekly $1,000 giveaway.*

Submit your story to be entered to win $1k with your Teammate!

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Every Monday

One Winner

Will be chosen at random from those that completed their 21st day in the prior week (Monday-Sunday). The $1,000 giveaway will be equally split $500 for you and $500 for the person that got you involved with XND in Motion.

Full requirements to be eligible

For the $1,000* giveaway:

1. Complete 1 purchase of the Motion Box, Wellness, Performance, Weight Management or Victory Pack - Ongoing submissions will require 100 points in personal purchases or an active auto-ship of 100 points.

2. Complete the testimonial video submission.

Didn't win the first time around? Complete another 21 days and enter to win. The opportunities to win are endless as long as you complete a new round of XND in Motion and fulfill all the above requirements each time.

Products to get

You Moving!

Weight Management Pack - xendurance
Weight Management Pack - xendurance

Weight Management Pack

Wellness Pack - xendurance
Wellness Pack - xendurance

Wellness Pack

Performance Pack - xendurance
Performance Pack - xendurance

Performance Pack


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