East Valley CrossFit - The Xendurance product line is crucial to the wellbeing of our business…

on September 08, 2015

"The Xendurance product line is crucial to the wellbeing of our business and adds value to our members and competitive athletes." - August Schmidt Owner of East Valley CrossFit and Iron Athlete, Chandler, AZ

Xendurance understand the importance to genuinely connecting with our Crossfit box partners.

As August Schmidt experienced while our representative (Zac) was in August's East Valley Crossfit gym, Zac made time to spend the whole day. Zac sampled products for all Augusts' members. "That's really valuable to us because what it does is:

  • exposes our members to the Xendurance product line,

  • educates them on the benefit of it,

  • highlights the difference between Xendurance and the other product lines that are available.

August continues, "Retail is a big part of our business model. The Xendurance product line has been the cornerstone of our retail since the start. The Xendurance Wholesale program is crucial to the well-being of our business overall. The program also adds a lot of value to our members and is very helpful to our competitive athletes as it provides access to the Xendurance's lactic acid buffer, to the creatine, to the protein, to the hyrdo….the full product line is very helpful to our members and our competitive athletes."

Like East Valley Crossfit, you too can earn a steady source of revenue while you help your members perform at their best. Contact us today to schedule an Xendurance rep to visit your gym for a full day educating your members and athletes on the benefits of using Xendurance products.


August Schmidt is the owner and head coach at East Valley CrossFit located in Chandler, Arizona. His team qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games.

In addition to East Valley CrossFit, August is the founder of Iron Athlete Clinics. August was introduced to Extreme Endurance in December of 2011. A week after being introduced to Extreme Endurance he competed in the Winter Open in Prescott, Arizona. The benefits of Extreme Endurance were immediately evident, August's been a proponent of Extreme Endurance ever since.