Xendurance Sports Nutrition is Will Rivera's Go-To Supplement Product

on February 15, 2017

"In the past 2-1/2 years, Xendurance sports nutrition has been my "GO TO" supplement product for all of my endurance activities! Since I started using this amazing product; and now at age 46, I have seen my athletic performance drastically improve helping me attain many goals, such as:

  • qualifying for the prestigious Boston marathon the last 3 years,

  • completing one full Ironman (2015)

  • running 6 consecutive 100 mile races with out any DNF's (Did not Finish Status).

The highlight of all my recent accomplishments was completing Badwater 135 "Worlds Toughest" footrace in 2016 placing 12th overall, bottom-line this stuff really works"

- Will Rivera Running Soles LLC Owner/Manager www.facebook.com/RunningSolesLLC