Xendurance Supplements and Products - Built to Work Together

on July 23, 2015

Xendurance products are built to work together. Check our what champion athletes are currently taking to leverage their endurance as they train, compete and recover with great confidence.

Cross Functional Athletes

Are you sore everyday after your WOD? Want to reduce that muscle burn and make sure you spring out of bed the next morning? Many are finding great success with these:

  • Extreme Endurance reduces lactic acid buildup and soreness

  • Omega provides you loads of EPAs and DHAs per serving and then take a scoop of Xendurance Protein

  • NEW! Fuel-5 includes five energy sources in one drink! Use pre and post and mix it with Protein for the ultimate recovery drink

  • Joint-4 to help you with those sore joints

Triathletes, Duathletes and all Multi-Sport Athletes

  • Extreme Endurance keeps your soreness down and recovery up. Our Extreme Endurance zip-loc pouches are perfect for travel.

  • Immune Boost – power-packed multi-vitamin

  • Probiotic to keep your stomach issues out of yoru race.

Runners, Cyclists - those always on the go.....

Extreme Endurance, Immune Boost and Extreme HYDRO-X is a great power-pack in their training regimens. With the 1500mg of Lactate and a premium blend of Electrolytes, HYDRO-X has been discovered as a boost while training. It gets you hydrated fast with Sustamine™ and gives you energy throughout those miles of training.

Weekend Warriors and all "wannabe" Olympians pushing hard!

  • Extreme Endurance will assist in reducing soreness in any sport whereby you produce lactic acid. If you find you trained a little too much or are nursing a nagging injury, try Joint-4, which includes 4 powerful ingredients in one formula to help rebuild cartilage and decrease pain.

  • Immune Boost multi-vitamin helps you stay healthy during cold season

  • Extreme HYDRO-X (electrolyte/lactate drink) and/or Xendurance Protein and Xendurance Fuel-5 may be just the drinks you need for hydration and energy.

Did we mention the golfers, paddle boarders, MMA Fighters, skiers, surfers....yes, you can mix and match any and all of our products for your specific sport or activity.

Still not sure what to take?

Send us an email to info@xendurance.com, and we will tell you what we hear other athletes are using to help them in their daily quest to be the best they can be.

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