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    Weight Management Pack

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    A Complete Health & Weight Management Solution

    The Weight Management Pack is the optimal choice for launching your weight loss goals. Select the protein of your choice for strength and recovery or to curb your appetite! Lean+ provides proven Forslean® to enhance lean body mass and to block those carbs. If you choose Lean Plant Protein as your protein choice; Lean paired with Lean+, are formulated synergistically to work together as part of your weight management journey. Essential and Immune Boost offer the foundation for immune support, brain function, heart health, eye health and to help fight free radical damage and oxidative stress. Stay healthy while you lose!
    Additionally, we added Focus with patented ingredient, Alphasize®, which has 35 years of clinical research. Everyone is looking for better energy, clarity and memory, Focus does that and even more. Now get going and check out XND63 as your accountability guide and ask a friend to join too!*

    What's inside?
    • Protein Choice (Chocolate, Vanilla, Lean Plant Protein or Collagen+Greens)
    • Immune Boost
    • Lean+
    • Essential
    • Focus

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    Speed-Up Weight Loss
    Block Food Cravings | Boost Metabolism | Nourish Your Body 

    The only Xendurance pack built to help you lose....

    The Weight Management Pack contains a treasure trove of fat-burning supplements & nutrients – designed to smother food cravings, improve metabolism and fast-track the weight loss process. If you’re looking for the ultimate powerhouse of fat-burning nutrients & superfoods… you’ve FINALLY come to the right place:
    ➡️ Lean+ – Clinically-proven Forslean® to support lean body mass & weight loss
    ➡️ Essential – Key minerals & electrolytes that promote overall well-being
    ➡️ Focus – Lowers stress & boosts energy & stamina to support weight management
    ➡️ Immune Boost – Anti-aging  & bioavailable ingredients to help nourish the body while losing weight
    ➡️ Protein choice – SuperGrade (Chocolate or Vanilla), Collagen+Greens or Lean Plant Protein

    Never Worry About Uncontrollable Appetite Again

    Did you know protein is one of the most filling macronutrients? Paired together with a moderate intake of HEALTHY fats & carbs in a balanced diet… protein can help reduce your urges to overeat & grab those high-calorie snacks. With the Weight Management Pack, choose between our top 3 protein options:

    ➡️ SuperGrade – Full-spectrum protein complex – Whey Hydrolysate, Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein & Calcium Caseinate (best for gym-goers looking to burn fat)
    ➡️ Collagen+Greens – Helps control appetite w/ 100% grass-fed collagen protein & green superfoods to support overall wellness
    ➡️ Lean – Plant-based proteins & nutrients to help restrict weight gain

    100% Pure, Organic, Natural Omega-3 and Vitamin D

    Seafood prices are spiking. Supplementing with pure omega-3’s is more important than ever – especially for your wallet. Omega+D3 is a brilliant way to avoid the synthetic “knockoff” omega-3 supplements… so you can nourish your body w/ organic EPA+DHA omega-3’s and boost your vitamin D intake (helping support a stable mood & healthy skin – especially with rising vitamin D deficiency rates).

    The Weight Management Pack

    Lean Protein

    Any selection of Protein can be taken at anytime during the day -- a morning shake or after a workout!

    Lean+ / Essential / Immune Boost

    For best results we recommend taking twice a day


    Take as needed! Need a little focus? Or a little more energy. Have a scoop!

    Manage Your Weight & Stay Healthy at the same time. Let’s break it down.

    Compare our Weight Management Pack to other weight loss products and see why it’s a no-brainer:

    BenefitsWeight Management PackOther weight loss supplements
    Anti-aging, performance, energy, weight loss and FOCUS for everyone’s goals in life
    12+ clinical studies; 2 Gold Standard, Published studies on the Essential complete formula
    SupeGrade protein blends (plant & whey) and Superfood Organic Greens
    XND63 Guide to provide an accountability path for weight loss 
    Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee. 

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    Accelerate Fat Burn & Shred Pounds FAST w/ Lean+

    A powerful “quality-of-life” PLANT superfood blend. Lean is a hybrid supplement for boosting protein intake while getting the potent greens you need on a daily basis. On the other hand, Lean+ works in tandem – with fat metabolism and carbohydrate blocking accelerators for fat loss, all while promoting lean body mass. It’s never been easier to nourish your body & stay in shape for an active lifestyle.

    Vital Nutrients & Minerals w/ Essential + Immune Boost

    Nourishing your body w/ restorative key nutrients provides the foundation for every process in your body – especially metabolism & burning fat. We call Essential the “Easy Button” for reducing oxidative stress & increasing VO2 max (heart & lung function) which can have a surprisingly-strong impact on weight loss. Immune Boost not only helps the fight against inflammation… but also serves as a powerful daily multivitamin – elevating your heart, cardiovascular, physical, mental, and overall health. Paired with the supplements above, these two can generate an impressive boost for speeding-up your weight loss journey & helping to keep those pounds off!

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