Extreme Endurance vs. Beta Alanine: What Makes Extreme Endurance Better Than Beta-Alanine Supplements

Extreme Endurance vs. Beta Alanine: What Makes Extreme Endurance Better Than Beta-Alanine Supplements

It is common to hear athletes and fitness buffs take supplements with Beta-Alanine to boost their performance and improve their overall health. 

Studies suggest that Beta-Alanine, after several weeks, can boost the level of carnosine found in muscles. This dipeptide is an exercise enhancer and is used to reduce fatigue. Thus, Beta-Alanine can help improve exercise performance when taken as a supplement. 

The question is, is Beta-Alanine the best option for enhancing sports performance? 

To understand if you need to take food supplements containing Beta-Alanine to achieve your body goals, you must learn what it is and what it can do for your health. 

Read this article to compare the food supplements with Beta-Alanine to a better substitute like Extreme Endurance to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Beta-Alanine: What Is It? 

Beta-Alanine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid, meaning the body does not utilize it to synthesize proteins like other amino acids. 

However, Beta-Alanine can produce carnosine when combined with histidine (essential amino acid) and keep it in the skeletal muscles. 

Since carnosine can reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles while working out, it can help boost your athletic performance. 

How Does Beta-Alanine Work? 

Histidine levels are usually high, while Beta-Alanine levels are often low in your muscles. Because of this, your body’s carnosine production can be limited. 

According to studies, taking supplements with Beta-Alanine can increase the carnosine levels in the muscles by at least 80%. 

To understand how carnosine performs during your workouts, you need to understand this process: 

  • Start of Glycolysis - The skeletal muscle cells endure the breakdown of glucose faster during exercise. As a result, it serves as the body’s leading fuel source during intense physical activities. 
  • Lactic Acid Production - While exercising, your muscles will break down glucose and convert it into Lactic Acid. This acid transforms into lactate, which creates Hydrogen Ions in the body. However, keep in mind that Lactic Acid and Lactate are different from each other. 
  • Muscles Develop More Acid - The presence of Hydrogen ions decreases the muscle’s pH level. As a result, it will produce more lactic acid. Thus, your body will feel more tired and sore, reducing your athletic performance. 
  • Carnosine acts as an Acid Absorber - The production of carnosine serves as a shield against acidity. As a result, it will lessen the stress on your muscles during intense workouts. 

Perks of Beta-Alanine for the Body 

The benefits you can get by taking supplements with Beta-Alanine, such as:

Helps Prolong the Body’s Time To Exhaustion 

The Time To Exhaustion (TTE) test measures the body’s endurance performance. It will indicate how long your body can perform any activity before getting tired. 

While the TTE may vary depending on factors like your food intake, sleeping patterns, and overall fitness, using Beta-Alanine may prolong it by boosting the Carnosine levels and reducing the Lactic Acid in the body. 

Enhances Athletic Performance 

In a study conducted to understand the effects of Beta-Alanine on activities like HIIT, the researchers discovered that consuming supplements with this active ingredient for 6 weeks boosted the participants’ TTE by up to 19%. 


Boosts Muscle Endurance for Senior Adults 

Senior adults may experience improvement in muscle endurance when taking Beta-Alanine. It can also help reduce the risks of falls for senior adult supplement users.

As a result, they can consider independent living as they age. The supplements can also help delay neuromuscular fatigue in senior men and women. 

Helps Develop Lean Muscle Mass

Since you can spend more time working out due to longer TTE, you can start doing more intensive workout routines to increase your lean muscle mass.

Dangers of Using Beta-Alanine 

While Beta-Alanine use comes with numerous perks, excessive consumption of these supplements also comes with several risks. 

For example, those who took more than 800 mg of Beta-Alanine at a time may experience paraesthesia. It is the abnormal tingling sensation of the skin. It usually occurs on the face, back of the hands, and neck. 

In addition, you may also experience a decline in your body’s taurine levels because it may interfere with the development of the sulfur-bearing amino acid. Taurine deficiency may cause muscle weakening and eye damage. It may also put you at risk of developing chronic liver disease and diabetes. 

Fortunately, you can avoid all these risks by replacing your Beta-Alanine supplements with a product like Extreme Endurance

What Makes Extreme Endurance Better than Beta-Alanine? 

While Extreme Endurance is relatively newer to the market, it has already proven itself to provide many benefits that can assist the body to perform better during athletic activities in just 3 days. 

This supplement comes with multiple active ingredients, including: 


  • Calcium Carbonate - Serves as a buffer to neutralize the body’s Hydrogen Ions. (Acid)
  • Catechins - Supplements with catechins help improve muscle strength, balance, and regular walking ability, along with being a powerful oxidative stress reducer.
  • Black Pepper - This ingredient does more than add spice to your meal. Black pepper fruit is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps the body absorb nutrients faster. 

How to Reduce Lactic Acid Using Extreme Endurance 

A 10-day, double blind, placebo controlled, crossover clinical study looked into the performance of 16 healthy test participants to measure the ability of Extreme Endurance to reduce lactic acid in the muscles. 

Based on the trial, those who took this supplement experienced lactic acid reduction by an average of 26%.

In addition, the respondents also had a decrease in Creatine Kinase (CK) levels (muscle trauma) by a 6X reduction and a 39% reduction in oxidative stress (free radical damage)

As a result, those who experienced the perks of using Extreme Endurance planned to continue taking the supplement.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can I Enjoy the Results of Using Extreme Endurance? 

Based on a clinical trial, you can start noticing the effects of this supplement in your body in 48 to 72 hours. 

Is this Supplement Drug-Free?

The global life sciences testing and measurement company LGC declared Extreme Endurance the first certified drug-free US-manufactured supplement with the Informed Sport Certification. Thus, you can safely take this product without worrying about prohibited substances. 

How Long Should I Take Extreme Endurance? 

You can take this supplement consistently every day like you usually would with other multivitamins. You can take it while training for an athletic competition or achieve better health. 


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Replace Your Beta-Alanine Supplements with Extreme Endurance ASAP

While there is no doubt that taking Beta-Alanine supplements helps in reducing lactic acid after several weeks of use, you can avoid all the side effects by switching to a better product. 

With Extreme Endurance, you can achieve a longer TTE and help your muscles recover faster after an intense workout without the risk of any adverse effects. By making the big switch, your body will finally achieve its healthiest condition in no time.


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