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to 3 winners just for getting your body moving & taking Xendurance supplements. 

What is XND63?

Did you know it takes over 60 days to form a new habit?

XND63 is designed to set you up for success and create healthy habits. After completing XND63 you’ll be entered to win the grand prize of $5,000 and can earn discounts & Xendurance swag along the way!*

Download the Team XND App to Get Started

The XND63 Method

This 3 phase approach will help you to perform better, recover faster, and live healthier longer!

Each participant will have the choice of a physical or digital guide containing:

Progress tracker, nutrition guidelines, grocery list suggestions, bodyweight only workouts with tutorials, water tracker, supplement guide, recovery and sleep tips, daily ritual guide and goal setting coaching!

Purchase & download the digital guide today!


Getting Started with


Download the Team XND App

Go to the Apple
App & Google Play Store & download our App.

Open XND in Motion

Tap the XND in Motion icon on the home screen to get started.

Log your daily movement

Keep yourself accountable for 21 consecutive or non- consecutive days!

Submit your testimonial video

On the 21st day submit a video testimonial. Repeat for 3 rounds.

Important Dates to be eligible to Enter to Win the grand prize!

Q1 Challenge

January 1st Challenge Registration Opens

January 31st Challenge Registration Closes

April 10th Last day to submit testimonial by 11:59pm PT

April 15th Winners Selected

Q2 Challenge

April 1st Challenge Registration Opens

April 30th Challenge Registration Closes

July 10th Last day to submit testimonial by 11:59pm PT

July 15th Winners Selected

Q3 Challenge

July 1st Challenge Registration Opens

July 31st Challenge Registration Closes

October 10th Last day to submit testimonial by 11:59pm PT

October 15th Winners Selected

Q4 Challenge

October 1st Challenge Registration Opens

October 31st Challenge Registration Closes

January 10th (next year) Last day to submit testimonial by 11:59pm PT

January 15th (next year) Winners Selected

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Enter for a chance at winning 

$5000, $2500, or $1000!

Not once a year, not twice a year, but 4 TIMES A YEAR! 

Join XND63 by purchasing an XND Pack or The Motion Box and get moving for 63 days! Complete 3 rounds of XND in Motion and give us your BEST testimonial after each round for a chance to be selected as 1 of 3 winners!

Record Now

3 Winners

We’ll choose 3 winners for each round of XND63.  Winners are selected based on their testimonial submissions after each round. The Winners will be announced April 15, July 15, October 15, & January 15th of the following year.
1st Place: $5,000
2nd Place: $2,500
3rd Place: $1,000

Full requirements to be eligible

1. Complete 3 purchases of either the Motion Box, Performance Pack, Wellness Pack, Weight Management Pack or Victory Pack over the course of 3 consecutive months.
2. Complete a testimonial video submission after each round of XND in Motion. (3 in total). 

All 63 days must be completed at least 24 hours before the winner selection date.

Products designed to Get You Moving.

With a purchase of a Pack or Motion Box, get the XND63 guide FREE!



Wellness Pack
Wellness Pack

Wellness Pack






Questions? We've got answers!

Whole Foods are a part of the Xendurance Ecosystem of Health.

Download the Xendurance Recipe Guide.

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