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    あなたが世界記録保持者、オリンピック選手、または単にあなたの個人的な運動目標の限界を押し上げることを楽しんでいるかどうかにかかわらず、私たちのパフォーマンスパックはあなたのためです。 Xenduranceは、最高の製品を組み合わせて、運動能力を高めます。 Xendurance製品は、世界中の禁止物質をテストする主要な品質保証会社である Informed ChoiceおよびInformed Sportによって認定されています。これらの認定は、あらゆる年齢、範囲、スポーツのすべてのアスリートを対象としています。これらは信頼できる製品です。プロチームアスリートに聞いてください!

    • タンパク質(チョコレート、バニラ、またはリーンクッキー生地)
    • Fuel-5、Fuel-5+またはFocus
    • 免疫ブースト
    • HydroまたはHydroStix
    • クレアチン-JB
    • 極度の耐久性

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    The World’s #1 Performance & Energy Supplement Pack – Boosting Strength, Endurance & Recovery Like Never Before

    Tired of Those ”Off Days” That Hold You Back? Speed-Up Your Gains & Explode Like A Gazelle w/ Performance Pack

    Think of our Performance Pack as the “Holy Grail” of supplements – for serious athletes, regular workout fanatics & anyone looking to smash their fitness goals or leave their competition in the dust. The following supplements in this pack give you a powerful advantage that can’t be found anywhere else:
    ➡️ Extreme Endurance – Boosts performance, lowers soreness & recovery time
    ➡️ Fuel-5 or Fuel-5+ – Fast-acting & sustained muscle fuel (no dreadful crashes)
    ➡️ Focus – Increases alertness & motivation for a warrior-like mindset
    ➡️ Creatine-JB – Turbo-charged performance, strength, power & endurance
    ➡️ Immune Boost – Helps fight free radical damage & oxidative stress and promotes overall wellness
    ➡️ Hydro or Hydro Stix – Potent electrolyte rehydration & energy booster
    ➡️ Protein choice – SuperGrade (Chocolate or Vanilla) or Lean (Cookie Dough)

    Burst-Out Stronger, Run Faster and Go Longer

    Led by clinically-proven Extreme Endurance – shown to boost performance & lower soreness/recovery time (by reducing lactic acid by 26% and oxidative stress by 39%)... the Performance Pack is an elite powerhouse of compounds, nutrients & minerals that can help fast-track your performance goals. Fuel-5 and Fuel-5+ catapult your energy levels w/ organic sweet potato + lactate energy (with added caffeine for Fuel-5+) – while Focus wipes-out tiredness, brain fog, inflammation & poor mood. And don’t forget Creatine-JB… because world-class athletes depend on this Creatine Monohydrate blend as their “secret weapon” for dominating their workouts & opponents – and now you can too. 

    100% Pure, Organic, Natural Omega-3 and Vitamin D

    Seafood prices are spiking. Supplementing with pure omega-3’s is more important than ever – especially for your wallet. Omega+D3 is a brilliant way to avoid the synthetic “knockoff” omega-3 supplements… so you can nourish your body w/ organic EPA+DHA omega-3’s and boost your vitamin D intake (helping support a stable mood & healthy skin – especially with rising vitamin D deficiency rates).

    The Performance Pack

    Protein & Creatine-JB

    Any selection of Protein can be taken at anytime during the day -- a morning shake or after a workout! Pair with Creatine-JB.


    Take as needed to stay hydrated. Take after a workout to replace the fluids that you lost!

    Extreme Endurance 

    For best results we recommend taking twice a day

    Focus or Fuel-5/+

    Take as needed! Need a little focus? Or a little more energy. Have a scoop! Fuel-5 is great before workouts.

    Paired For Performance

    If you’re looking to unleash your inner Rambo & run laps on your opponents… NOTHING beats the Performance Pack.

    BenefitsPerformance PackOther performance bundles
    Performance, energy, endurance and FOCUS for everyone’s active goals.
    12+ clinical studies; 2 Gold Standard, Published studies on Extreme Endurance
    SupeGrade protein blends (Plant & Whey Blend) 
    Informed-Sport Certified
    Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee. 

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    Impressively-Fast Hydration w/ Effective Minerals & Electrolytes 

    Hydro & Hydro Stix fuel your body with the world’s purest form of hydrating elements & nutrients:💦 Vitally-important electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride & more)
    💦 B6 and B12 vitamins for all-day energy & boosted motivation + vitality
    💦 Alltamine™ (Hydro) and Sustamine® (Hydro Stix) for rapid absorption
    💦 Flavored with 100% natural ingredients (no artificials)
    💦 “Chelated” electrolytes for high-potency effectiveness (increased bioavailability)
    💦 Obsessively-great tasting flavors w/ Lemon Lime (Hydro) & Grape (Hydro Stix)

    Shake-Off Muscle Fatigue & Recover FAST

    SuperGrade Protein (Chocolate or Vanilla) contains 20 grams of highly-bioavailable proteins that fuel your muscles quicker than most protein powders on the market with over 72% Hydrolysate & packed with full-spectrum BCAA support w/ 4.2 grams per serving. It also contains Lactate, your body’s preferred energy source for added strength, stamina & vitality. On the other hand, your 2nd option is Lean protein – a superfood plant protein (20 grams) geared towards elite-level nutrition, well-being, vitality & motivational drive. Packed with green superfoods, BCAAs and 40% daily value of 12 vitamins & minerals… Lean makes a perfect meal replacement or midday snack.

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