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Customer Reviews

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Amelia Van Buskirk
New member

New to xnd and got the membership first based on reviews and consultations with consultants. Eager to reap all the rewards! Free shipping! Discount !’ Thank you

Ashley Riddle
This is A No Brainer! Pay the $95 - you won’t be sorry!

This membership has been a life saver for me. I order a lot! The free shipping and 25% discount really come in handy- saving my literally hundreds of dollars a year!

Young Chen
Going further

Went my furthest in zone 2 cardio (9.5 miles) about a week after beginning to take this supplement. My old mark was just 6.5 miles. Probably too big of an improvement to be placebo. Will be buying again

Hi Young,

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Mike Pietragallo

I had seen ads for Xendurance all over social media. I didn't really think about trying it and then I noticed a lot of Athletes I know from the CrossFit community endorsing this product. As a 17 year CrossFit Affiliate owner, I pride myself on NOT running with the pack. I always tended to stay away from trends, never jumping on something just because it was new. Having said that, when I say Athletes whom I knew personally endorsing Xendurance, I thoughty I'd give it a try. Let me say this, I'll be 60 years old in September. I've been taking Xendurance as suggested for 6 weeks and I feel great! Thanks for putting out such a great product!

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the product and that it's helping you achieve your fitness goals. We're excited to continue helping you reach your goals and encourage you to continue using Xendurance. Thanks again for your feedback!

Dustin F
Da Truth!!

Xendurance has definitely increased my capacity as an athlete. Recovery time is better with less lactic acid build up. Try it!!

Hi Dustin,

Thank you for your positive review ! We're glad to hear that it has helped you improve your athletic performance and recovery time.

Lulu Z.
I'm training longer and recovery time and soreness has decreased by 80%

I have been using Xendurance for the past three months, and I am amazed by the results it has delivered. This incredible supplement has proven to be a game-changer in my training routine, helping me recover exceptionally fast and significantly reducing muscle soreness.

One of the most impressive aspects of Xendurance is its ability to expedite recovery time. Before incorporating this supplement into my regimen, I used to suffer from extended muscle soreness that would hinder my training progress. However, since taking Xendurance, I have experienced a drastic decrease in recovery time. It is simply mind-boggling how quickly my muscles bounce back after an intense workout session.

What truly sets Xendurance apart from other supplements on the market is its efficacy in reducing muscle soreness. I used to dread the days following a challenging workout, as my body would be in constant discomfort. However, since incorporating Xendurance into my routine, I have noticed a staggering 80% decrease in muscle soreness. This remarkable outcome has allowed me to push myself harder during training, knowing that I won't be plagued by crippling soreness afterward.

Another noteworthy benefit of Xendurance is its ability to enhance my training stamina. With this supplement, I have noticed a significant increase in my endurance levels, enabling me to train for longer periods without feeling fatigued. This newfound stamina has allowed me to explore new training techniques and reach new levels of fitness that were once beyond my grasp.

Furthermore, I have also noticed an improvement in my overall energy levels since incorporating Xendurance into my daily routine. This extra burst of energy has not only positively impacted my workouts but has also translated into my daily life, making me more alert and focused throughout the day.

The fact that I have been consistently using Xendurance for three months without any negative side effects speaks volumes about the product's quality. This supplement's effectiveness has been nothing short of phenomenal, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone seeking to improve their recovery time, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance their training stamina.

In conclusion, Xendurance has revolutionized my training routine by skyrocketing my recovery time, reducing muscle soreness by a staggering 80%, and allowing me to train longer. This supplement has undoubtedly played a significant role in my fitness journey, and I will continue to make it an integral part of my regimen. If you are looking for a product that delivers exceptional results, Xendurance is the way to go.

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