Fueling Creativity: Travis Thompson

Fueling Creativity: Travis Thompson

“I have been with Xendurance for nearly 2 years now. Their company has supported me through the never ending process of growing as a cinematographer, director and lifelong runner. They had a no BS approach to sound nutrition, allowing me to trust what I am putting in my body. Their products allow me to push hard, recover, and do it all over again the following day. In any given 7 day period, I log around 50 miles per week running, travel around the world producing content for clients, and edit late into the night. Without a doubt, Xendurance keeps me sharp and puts me on another level in each of these aspects of my life. XND’s newest product, Focus, is yet again a game changer for my lifestyle. XND isn’t just for athletes, but is for creators or anyone who demands high levels of physical and mental output.”

Travis is a 31 year old cinematographer, photographer, and editor. Originally from the Oregon Coast, his passion for storytelling and marketing drew him to change careers from a NCAA college coach to business owner. Before founding Elevation 0m, he had coaching stints at Oregon State University and The University of San Francisco where he helped guide multiple NCAA All-Americans and a NCAA Champion. In the digital world, his content and managed campaigns have reached millions of people across various industries. He is a graduate of The University of Oregon, a former NCAA Champion runner for the Ducks, later going on to earn his Masters Degree in Administration. Throughout Elevation 0m’s history, Travis strives to build a unique clientele across multiple industries.

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