Major Metabolic Method: Changing One Life After Another

Major Metabolic Method: Changing One Life After Another

The health stats are undeniable. Seventy percent (70%) of the population is overweight or obese,  and the numbers are getting worse! Concurrently, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease rates are escalating. And yet, we wonder why health insurance is so costly… it's the lifestyle! 

In our little corner of the world, we are trying to educate and assist people in improving their health and saving on healthcare costs. And this is how Major Metabolic was born.

The Man Behind the Program

I’m Dr. Steven Major, the founder of the Major Metabolic Method. I have been a chiropractor for 33 years. Before that, I was in the fitness industry and trained as a competitive athlete. I understand physiology and how it relates to performance and training. That understanding allows for effective, science-based weight loss.

My philosophy on weight loss is this. Weight loss is not as much a function of calories in -calories out (CICO) as it is about hormonal regulation. Understanding how blood sugar and its regulation by the hormone INSULIN is key. 

This is usually my starting point with my obese patients. Other factors include liver function, stress hormones, etc. We must first get people healthy so that weight loss is more easily achieved but, more importantly, maintained.

What Does Major Metabolic Method Provide to Clients?

We teach them weight loss by the numbers. By that, I mean we teach them what the different components of their lab work mean – not just whether it’s normal or abnormal. When people understand what the numbers mean, they become more compliant with our program because it makes sense to them. 

We provide a scoreboard. We use a machine called the Fit3d, which takes a multitude of circumferential measurements and provides plenty of baseline statistics. Our goal is to lose fat, not muscle; they can see these changes quite dramatically with 3d imaging and statistical analysis. 

We also provide them with an accountability mechanism. It helps keep them focused on achieving their weight loss and health goals. We even offer exercise classes and programming based on their current fitness levels.


The Steps of the Program

Here’s what we do to help you:

  • Take an extensive health history
  • Gather baseline physical measurements
  • Determine what lab works are needed
  • Establish logical goals with timelines 
  • Educate on hormones, macro ratios targeted supplementation, and assign specific efficient exercise programming
  • Provide accountability sessions and interim measurements

Why Do I Believe in MMM?

I’ve had many people come into MMM with the goal of losing 20-30 pounds. That should be rewarding enough, but I witness other things in the process. You can see them walking a little taller as their self-esteem improves. They get a little more spring in their step! 

Additionally, many can come off prescription medication for blood sugar, cholesterol, and hypertension. It’s literally life-changing and, for some, life-saving.

I recently checked in with one of my patients because I hadn’t seen him for a while. He’d lost 68 pounds and 9 inches of his waist. He said he hadn’t been in because he has continued maintaining his weight loss and has been busy with his new girlfriend. 

He thanked me for helping him get healthy; it changed his life. He even credited me for helping get the new girl. He did the work and continues to do so that’s rewarding!

It’s Not Costly If You Really Think About It

What if someone is on a budget? I get this question a lot. My answer is that perhaps I haven’t done my job explaining the costs of health, wellness, vitality, medications, etc. 

The program isn’t that costly when you factor in the savings they will make in other areas. Then again, some people just aren’t ready or have given up. When that gets to the point that they want it, we are here to serve them.

Be a Part of An Encouraging and Supportive Community

Many of our clients work out in groups. I have had a group of 10 or so men in one group for over 2 years. They have become friends, and I believe provides another accountability component to the program. The same goes for our lady’s groups! I always encourage patients to do our program with friends or spouses etc.

Major Metabolic Method Testimonials

Six months into the Major Metabolic Program, my co-workers noticed the difference. I had lost 8 inches off my waist and 40 lbs. My reason for joining was to get healthier and help my lower back pain. The first 15 lbs came off in 6 weeks, so the progress kept me going, but it was surprising how “off the bat” I lost the weight. The exercise and supplements, one year later, have kept me motivated to continue.

- Bryan

My motivation for joining Major Metabolic was because of my migraine headaches. I would have 5 days of debilitating headaches and was looking for a solution. The focus of Dr. Major’s program on getting me healthy was food elimination, weight loss, and working out while supplementing and just eating better. 

I had never worked out before, so it was a little intimidating, but I gained so much knowledge on not just how to be precise but on a diet, and my confidence overall improved.

With this program, my migraines are triggered now when I go off my diet and start up with boxed, unhealthy foods, and certain carbs are my weakness. Overall, my 16-20 lb weight loss and my change in diet, exercising more, and sleeping better have just been so positive.

- Julie

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