SuperGrade Protein

Recover & Rebuild With a Superior Protein Blend

  • Formulated for immediate & slow release to improve muscle growth and recovery*
  • 72% Whey Protein Hydrolysate for enhanced bioavailability*
  • Full BCAA Complex
  • Lactate for added energy*
  • Informed Sport Certified*

Flavor: Chocolate
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Muscle Growth. Muscle Recovery.

Nathan Harpster

Definitely one of the best proteins I have tried. For someone who has had bubble gut problems with many other protein powders this one is a Savior! Love that it has a blend of four proteins as well as a full complement of BCAAs So there's no need to buy it another separate product! I also love the no artificial sweeteners! Pro tip : They blend super easy not only into your protein powder but to be used for baking or making a great oatmeal breakfast mush!

Stephanie Pietz

This is hands down the best tasting protein I’ve ever tried! It’s never ever chalky. Even just mixed with water it tastes great. I love that it’s packed with tons of vitamins, BCAAS and electrolytes too.

Josh Bridges

My favorite protein flavor is vanilla because it has a hint of cinnamon and kind of tastes like horchata!

Compare SuperGrade to other protein blends and see why it’s a no-brainer

No Stomach Issues, Over 70% Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Lactate and BCAAs - all in one protein = SuperGrade Xendurance Protein.


Over 70% of Whey Protein Hydrolysate in the blend

Lactate – Your body’s preferred energy source

Full serving of BCAAs (2-1 product)

Informed-Sport Certified

Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee

Getting the most out of Protein

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Chad Mahakian
Best Protein Powder

Having tried a number protein powders, this is the best tasting product I have tried. It blends well and does not have a weird after taste.

Hi Chad,

Thank you for your positive review of SuperGrade Protein! We're glad to hear that you've found our product to be both delicious and effective - perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality protein supplement. Thanks again for taking the time to write this review!

Reviewer avatar
My go to powder

This protein powder is where it is at!! The chocolate is my preferred flavor. I enjoy it as a snack replacement as well as a pre and post workout supplement. Definitely recommend this product.

Hi Jeramie,

Thanks for the awesome review about our Supergrade Protein. We’re so pleased to hear that you’re enjoying it so much!

Axel Palsson
The Best!

I awesome product! Thank you!

Hi Axel,

What an awesome photo! Thanks for leaving a 5 star rating for SuperGrade Protein.

Best of luck at your race!

Meghan Saar
Best Vanilla Protein Powder

I’m not new to protein powders. I’ve been using protein powders for 20 years and Xendurance Vanilla is my favorite. The profile is almost a chai vanilla flavor and I’m obsessed. It mixes great just in water, in smoothies, oatmeal or anything really. Best part aside from the flavor and how well it mixes, is that it’s free of junk ingredients like so many other companies include in their protein powders. Love Xendurance SuperGrade Protein!

Ashley B

Premium quality. I've never had a protein that worked so well.

Jeffrey Birchfield
Best protein on the market

This is the the best protein on the market. Easily digestible and great taste. Plus it mixes well with other xendurance products for a great drink. I mix it with creatine jb or fuel 5.

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