Victory Pack

    Victory Pack

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    Total Performance and Wellness System

    The Victory Pack showcases the line of unique Xendurance products. Select the protein or energy product of your choice. Enjoy or share single servings that are also included in this "Fuel What Matters" large, red shipping box. The Victory Pack is our number one "go to pack" whether you are looking to up your health and performance or even start your own Team XND Business.

    What's inside?

    • Protein Choice (Chocolate, Protein, or Lean Cookie Dough)
    • Fuel 5, Fuel-5+, or Focus
    • Collagen+Greens
    • Hydro or Hydro-Stix
    • Immune Boost
    • Joint-4
    • Omega+D3
    • Creatine-JB
    • Probiotic+Prebiotic
    • Essential
    • Deep Sleep
    • Lean+

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