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Extreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance is our flagship product with results proven by over a dozen clinical studies and a decade of research.

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Reduce Lactic ACID

Extreme Endurance is proven to reduce lactic acid is the body which causes muscle soreness, increase anaerobic threshold, in other words, improve stamina, and reduce oxidative stress caused by free radical damage. Oxidative stress is the leading cause of many degenerative diseases, such as heart disease. we are exposed to oxidative stress from air pollution, environmental changes, stress, and even working out! Oxidative stress simply put - ages all of us!

Find out more about all of our studies which include 2 published, Gold Standard, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies.The Extreme Endurance proprietary formula has a blend of essential, natural ingredients including: Papain which is a protease enzyme derived from Papaya, a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps repair and rebuild muscle tissue while relieving muscle soreness. Catechins are added and are one of the most powerful antioxidants to help fight oxidative stress. Electrolytes complete this revolutionary formula to assist with the ability to quickly rehydrate, recover, & restore balance and maintain the competitive edge.*