Daily Multivitamin Consumption May Benefit Cognitive Function

Daily Multivitamin Consumption May Benefit Cognitive Function

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, more people started taking their health seriously. Daily vitamin supplements became a staple in most households to boost immunity and fight the dreaded virus. 

But aside from boosting the body’s immune system, a recent study discovered that taking daily multivitamin supplements can positively affect a person’s cognitive health, especially in older people. 

According to a study about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, regular daily multivitamin consumption for women and men helped delay cognitive decline by approximately 60%. It also revealed that the most notable effects happen in people with cardiovascular disorders. 

If you’re worried about decreased cognitive function as you age, today might be the right time to take multivitamin supplements regularly. 

Are you still thinking if these multivitamin supplements can be one of the most reliable ways to improve mental health? Read on to learn more about what it can do for your cognitive development. 

Connection Between Daily Multivitamins and Cognitive Health Explained 

The researchers from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, with collaborators from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, tested 2,262 people aged 65 and above for three years to evaluate their cognitive function. 

The researchers looked into the analyzed function taken from test scores to compare those who took a cocoa extract and a placebo and those who took a daily multivitamin and a placebo. 

Based on the results gathered during the three-year study, the multivitamin respondents showed signs of delayed cognitive aging by around 60%, equivalent to 1.8 years. 

Meanwhile, those who regularly took supplements with cocoa extract for three years showed no significant effect on their cognitive function. 

The study also discovered that older adults with a cardiovascular disease history get the most benefit from taking multivitamins. 

Aside from this research, a separate study from the National Institutes of Health revealed that vitamin deficiencies, particularly Vitamin B12, can be linked to cognitive decline. Thus, supplementing the missing nutrients through daily multivitamin supplements can help enhance the brain’s functions. 

What Happens During Cognitive Decline in Older Adults 

People who experience cognitive decline deal with difficulty in thinking, concentration, and memory recall. They may also experience challenges in other brain functions due to aging. 

Cognitive decline may also happen gradually or in one blow. This condition can also be a temporary or a lifetime problem. It can be frightening for people who feel the symptoms and those around them. 

While it can be common to become more forgetful as you age, some of the usual signs of cognitive impairment include: 

  • Forgetting things more frequently
  • Forgetting important events or crucial appointments 
  • Sudden loss of your train of thought during conversations
  • Feeling more overwhelmed with decision-making or when in the process of accomplishing a task
  • Sudden forgetfulness when navigating familiar surroundings
  • Repeated poor judgment 
  • Becoming more impulsive

In addition, your family and friends will start to notice changes in your memory recall and other functions that you never encountered before. 

Besides mental health decline caused by aging, hormones, neurodegenerative conditions, substance abuse, and vitamin deficiency can also contribute to cognitive problems. 

Five Ingredients to Look for in a Daily Multivitamin Supplement 

If you want to delay cognitive decline for as long as possible, you must always check the label of your multivitamins to get the most benefits. 

Some of the most valuable nutrients you must find in your daily vitamin must include: 

B Vitamins 

The Vitamin B complex, like B6, B9 (Folic Acid), and B12, plays a vital role in mental health. If you are at risk of having Alzheimer’s disease, your doctor will prescribe Vitamin B supplements to help enhance your cognitive ability. 

You may look for a daily multivitamin like Immune Boost with high levels of Vitamin B complex. This product’s Vitamin B12 alone is 30 mcg, which is 1250% of the daily recommended values. 

Vitamin E

This vitamin is recognized for its antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals that damage brain cells. According to a study published in Nutrients, high plasma levels of vitamin E can reportedly help improve cognitive performance. 

But while this nutrient is naturally present in nuts, seeds, plant-based oils, and different fruits and vegetables, you can also get high amounts of Vitamin E in daily multivitamin supplements like Immune Boost with an 83 mg recommended dose. 


Your daily multivitamin pills must also come with the natural amino acid L-theanine from tea to enhance your mental performance. This unique amino acid increases brain activity significantly based on a Randomized Controlled Trial. 

One study discovered that higher doses of L-Theanine are more necessary than what you can get from drinking a cup of green tea to achieve its beneficial effects. This supports the fact that supplements like Immune Boost can yield you desired results. 


For centuries, medical experts have believed that this ancient herb from India can help support treatments for different medical conditions like cystic fibrosis, gastric ulcer, some types of cancers, and liver diseases. But studies also claim that this component can help enhance brain health and fight against Alzheimer’s disease. 

Curcumin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and lipophilic features that play a crucial role in the cognitive functions of Alzheimer’s disease patients. So find a daily multivitamin supplement with this ingredient like Immune Boost to help fight against mental degeneration. 

Vitamin C

Suppose you buy multivitamins like Immune Boost because of their high Vitamin C content for boosting your immune system. You can also pat yourself on the back since these supplements can positively affect your cognitive function. 

According to a report, fixing micronutrient deficiency with a balanced multivitamin can provide positive effects when diagnosing cognitive function. Find the right supplements with a high dose of Vitamin C to keep the brain in its prime role and simultaneously enhance immune system function. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Daily Multivitamins Effective? 

Studies revealed that taking multivitamins can help improve a person’s health. But more studies are needed to prove its valuable benefits to the brain. 

Will Daily Multivitamins Help in Retaining Memories? 

If you believe the claims, taking daily multivitamins formulated with Vitamin B12 and natural supplements like Ginkgo Biloba can delay memory loss. You only need to find high-quality supplement products to ensure that your mind will sharpen over time. 

How Long Will it Take for Multivitamins to Work? 

It usually takes approximately three to six weeks to notice changes after taking daily multivitamins. But if you are severely deficient in a specific nutrient, you might be able to see the result in a short time. 

How Long Should You Take a Multivitamin? 

Most people take multivitamin supplements for a while. But the period of taking these supplements depends on your needs.

Should You Take Multivitamins Before or After Meals? 

Ideally, you should take your supplements with food since fat can help absorption. However, it is also ideal to drink it with liquid to wash down the vitamins in your body. 

Fight Cognitive Decline with Daily Multivitamins 

Cognitive degeneration is expected as people age. But you can delay the effects of time on your mental development by supplementing your health with the right multivitamins. 

With the help of a reliable multivitamin supplement like Immune Boost, you can ensure that your brain remains at its peak performance. 

So always remember to include multivitamins in your daily routine. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you will retain a sound mind and sharp memory for a long time. 

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