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    Creatine is one of the most widely studied supplements available today. Creatine-JB is formulated with the cleanest and most bio-available creatine on the market, Creapure® from Germany. Creapure® is 99.9% Pure Creatine Monohydrate, mimicking what is produced naturally in the body and improving absorption into the muscle. Creatine-JB promotes increased energy and strength. Adequate creatine stores in the brain allows for optimal energy production to support brain and cognitive function. Creatine-JB supports protein synthesis and muscle growth, power and recovery. There is no load phase required for Creatine-JB. It is easily digested and is a light, lemon citrus flavor.

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    Creatine-JB contains Creapure®

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    Creapure® Creatine allows you to continue usage without worrying when to stop and start. Creapure® Creatine is also the purest creatine on the market and is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Due to the purity in nature of Creapure® Creatine there is not the typical bloating experience.*

    Lactate for

    Lactate is the body’s preferred fuel over glucose. Your body will use lactate first. The more lactate you use during exercise, the less muscle glycogen you have to use, which means your glycogen stores will last longer and this equates to more energy.*  

    Age is Just
    a Number

    Studies have shown that Creatine Monohydrate is not just for athletes. This naturally occurring substance, creatine, decreases as we age. Creatine has been shown to benefit healthy aging in promoting bone mass, muscle strength and it may help inhibit cognitive decline.*

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    This product has been tested by Informed-Sport. Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products which certifies that a supplement or product has been tested for banned substances by LGC's world class sports, anti-doping lab. To ensure product has been tested by Informed-Sport, click here to search your lot number to confirm certification.*



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