How Free radicals Affect Your Health Xendurance

How Do Free Radicals Affect Your Health?

For a long time, many have said free radicals are harmful to your health, but how do they exactly affect you? To fully understand how these compounds affect your body, you need to know what they are and how they...
on October 31, 2022
What are benefits of MCT Oil?

What Are The Benefits of MCT Oil?

Around 34% of the American adult population has high cholesterol levels. Given the health risks associated with high cholesterol, there is an increased interest in looking for ways to live and eat healthier. One such trend is the ketogenic diet. ...
on October 17, 2022
Energy Drinks and Gamers A healthy drink for focus

Healthy Alternatives To Gamers Drinks

  Goodbye caffeine and carbonated gamers drinks, and say hello to healthier alternatives that will still keep you going! Are you interested to know more? Read on. Competitive gamers deal with stress just like any other professional athlete. With millions...
on October 13, 2022
Artificial Sweeteners and Cardiovascular Disease | Xendurance

Artificial Sweeteners And Cardiovascular Disease: What’s A Healthy Alternative

Thinking of starting to use a sugar substitute? For one reason or another, many people worldwide would use artificial sugar substitutes.  Some simply think it's a healthier way to sweeten food or drinks; others use it to keep chronic conditions...
on October 10, 2022