Do you know where your supplements are coming from?

Do you know where your supplements are coming from?

From 2009 to 2012, the FDA enforced the recall of 274 supplements that tested positive for harmful or unlabelled ingredients. More often than not, this was linked to poor manufacturing practices and comprised facilities. Rather than outsource production to a factory overseas, Xendurance products are manufactured exclusively in the USA, using only facilities compliant with NSF International’s GMP standards.

What is NSF International?

  • NSF International is a third-party public health and safety organization, accredited by governing bodies such as the American National Standards Institute.

  • NSF sets standards for manufacturers that will ensure safe production of food and drink products for consumer use.

Ok, but what are GMP standards?

  • GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, a detailed set of guidelines developed by NSF International that suggest what is necessary to ensure the highest quality product.

  • Manufacturing facilities meeting the GMP standards may register with NSF for certification, ensuring truthful production from raw materials to final label.

How does GMP registration work?

In order for a manufacturer to be registered as GMP compliant, the NSF must audit the following:

  • Personnel

  • Physical Plant

  • Equipment

  • Production process and systems

  • Record keeping

  • Recall Process

Only after NSF has found these areas to be more than satisfactory do they register a manufacturer as GMP certified, and perform audits twice yearly to ensure quality does not degrade.

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