Honing Both Mind and Body: Josh Bridges & His 3 Favorite Xendurance Products

Crossfit: Josh Bridges & His 3 Favorite Xendurance Products

Lauded in the fitness world as one of the best athletes, Josh Bridges has become one of the most well-known names in CrossFit. Often called the “underdog,” with remarkable comebacks in competitions witnessed by many, one can see the dedication and preparation Josh brings to everything he does. 

In his fitness journey, Josh promotes a way of thinking that emphasizes determination and ample physical and mental preparation. At one point in that journey, Xendurance had the honor of being a partner in helping Josh meet his supplement and nutritional needs, which is still ongoing today after more than 10 years.  

An inspiration for many and known for rousing Crossfit crowds with his fierce competitiveness, we searched for what makes Josh “Never Ring The Bell”? 

An Unpaved Path

Looking back, many young athletes feel lost when thinking about what they want to do in life. Josh experienced the same thing – his path to CrossFit greatness wasn’t a path that was already paved for him. In college, Josh found a taste of success in wrestling. However, at the same time, he said that he lost his motivation to push forward. According to Josh, he seems to have lost sight of himself.  

During this uncertain point in his life, Josh met the one thing that helped him forge a path ahead – the Navy Seals and Crossfit. With his never give up mindset, he trained harder than ever to accomplish what few can; that was to serve his country in one of the most elite forces on earth.  

Competing in Crossfit and being in the Seals was a perfect balance of training, competing, and providing an outlet for his passions and service. These two disciplines would shape a significant part of his life.

Making a Name in CrossFit

If you ever had the opportunity to enter a CrossFit competition while Josh was (is) competing and witnessed his resounding victory scream, then you experienced the magnitude of CrossFit and one of the most resolute athletes ever to participate. 

Josh first dove into CrossFit in 2005. Thanks to his background in wrestling and the skills he had developed in the sport, he managed to grasp Crossfit fairly quickly. This was his ticket to joining the Navy SEALs, and once he got in, he continued to hone his body and mind in this fitness discipline. 

While still a part of the SEALs, Josh set his eyes on his first CrossFit competition, training harder than ever in preparation for the 2011 CrossFit Games.

Calling his debut at the games unforgettable is an understatement. Standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 160 lbs, Josh blew everyone away with his power and determination, finishing in 2nd place. This was the first time the CrossFit world had laid its eyes on his aptitude and sheer will, and since then, he has become a legend in the sport.

A Career as a CrossFit Athlete

Competing in CrossFit while a Navy SEAL, Josh faced challenges that would test the best of us.  

Around the 2012 competition season, Josh suffered a serious knee injury. His recovery and rehabilitation cost him the majority of the CrossFit season. You could see the disappointment in his face but also the burning fire inside.  

After recovering, Josh didn’t wait long to return to competition, coming out victorious at the 2013 SoCal Regional. He also showcased incredible performances in the 2013 and 2014 games, placing 7th and 4th, respectively. In 2016 and 2017, Josh refused to slow down, grabbing back-to-back victories at the California Regionals. In 2018, he returned to the Games, proving himself a warrior still.  

Overall, Josh Bridges competed six times at the CrossFit Games on top of the multiple events and regional competitions he won in his career. His raging and passionate personality has left a mark on the industry, inspiring anyone who witnessed his “never say die” attitude to do more.  

How Xendurance Met Josh Bridges

The XND Team first met Josh during the 2012 CrossFit Games. Josh had just returned from a military tour in Iraq. This was the competition season in which Josh recovered from a knee injury and could not participate.

During the competition, Josh walked around the venue when Jason St. Clair, XND’s CEO, introduced himself to the athlete. Jason told Josh he wanted him to try some of Xendurance’s products.  

Following this meeting, Jason, accompanied by Andrew Neugebauer, XND’s Co-owner, headed to San Diego for a photoshoot. They also met with Josh to urge him to join the XND Team. 

Since then, Josh has made XND a part of his ongoing fitness journey. Many of Xendurance’s products play a significant role in his nutrition, helping him get the most out of his diet and exercise. 

Crossfit: Josh Bridges

Josh Bridges’ Favorite XND Products 

Josh has shared his top three favorite XND items with the team.  

The first one he discussed was XND’s Creatine-JB. - coincidentally named JB… after him. According to Josh, he takes 5g of Creatine-JB following every workout session.  

Another product he named was XND’s Supergrade (Vanilla) PROTEIN. With a blend of four fast-absorbing proteins, there’s no need to worry about stomach aches. Josh takes XND’s PROTEIN twice a day.  

Last but certainly not least, Josh mentioned loving XND’s Extreme Endurance®. He has been taking 8 tablets per day for over 10+ years. Hmmm, must be working for him.

Extreme Endurance helps reduce lactic acid and oxidative stress, reduces CK levels by 6X and improves aerobic threshold, and just flat out beats the competition of any performance supplement on the planet! Xendurance has been greatly honored to have him as part of the XND Team for over 10 years!


Sound Mind, Sound Body 

Josh Bridges believes physical and mental preparation is necessary for fitness and a shared sense of purpose. You can’t go through life without “Paying The Man,” meaning if you want to make gains, you have to put in the hard work. So “PAY HIM” is Josh’s motto day in and out, and he lives and breathes it setting a formidable example for us all.

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