The Powerhouse Pre-Workout for Quick, Mid & Long-Lasting Energy

  • 5 Forms of Fuel: Four Carbohydrate Fuel Sources and Lactate + Caffeine from Natural Green Tea
  • Organic Sweet Potato used in Proprietary Blend
  • Electrolytes and Vitamins B6 & B12 to Assist in Energy Production, Rehydration & Recovery* 
  • Clean, Light Flavor for Extended Training
  • Informed-Sport Certified*
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Energy. Stamina. Endurance.

Nathan Harpster

Love adding this to my FOCUS for an absolute game changer of a pre-workout! This ACTUALLY gives me the fuel I need to power through high intensity workouts! And unlike other over caffeinated and artificially sweetened products out there I can use this as an intra and post workout mix as well!

Kyle Nelson

Fuel-5+ is a perfect combination of carbohydrates and natural caffeine to give me sustained energy without any crash. I use Fuel-5+ in my pre and intra workout drinks. Fuel-5+ gives me the constant energy which allows me to train at a constant professional level. All of that and it tasted great, what more could you ask for!

Maria Kraus

I will never go on a run again without taking this first. As a long distance runner, I like taking a pre-workout but cannot stand the feeling of being jittery or itching all over, it affects my run. Fuel-5 gives me the burst of energy I need, without all the crazy effects! 

Here’s why elite athletes choose Fuel-5+

When it’s time to explode your performance levels and conquer your fitness goals…choose Fuel-5+ and go dominate your competition.


Contains Lactate, the body's preferred energy source

6 forms of energy that release pre, intra and post workout

All natural ingredients & all natural flavoring

Informed-Sport Certified

Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

Getting the most out of Fuel-5+

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 303 reviews
Jennifer Cabay
Great Product

I’ve tried a lot of different brands at Nutrition and Vitamin shops and was skeptical about trying a subscription based product. I’ve never really know what to look for in terms of results for a protein power and pre workout, but when I started using Xendurance I knew exactly what I’d been missing. Powders are so finely cute, they don’t clump up when mixed with water and pre workout doesn’t make me feel like I’m about to have a heart attack

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the positive review! We're glad you're enjoying Fuel-5. We hope you continue to use it and see great results.

Diarra Cropper

One of the most smooth, and delicious electrolyte products I’ve tried to date! Recently ran a 25K trail run and this powered me all the way through with no stomach issues or cramps!

Hi Diarra,

Awesome! We’re so pleased to hear it's working just as it should and that you’re enjoying it so much! Go forth and conquer.

Daniela Almeida
Need Carbs?

If you are lacking carbs in your day, Especially Pre Workout, this is the product for you! 5 awesome ingredients for quick and sustainable energy. I truly recommend Fuel 5!

William Sakowicz
Always Feeling Ready

Great to feel like you have energy going into a workout. Fast acting a noticeable.

Product arrived damaged, no customer service response

I don’t doubt that this is a 5-Star product but the experience was marred by a package that arrived opened and no response from customer service.

Please reach out to info@xendurance.com

C Jas
Pre-Workout Fuel 5+

This is a great pre-workout Pre-Workout, I was using just the berry switched over to the lemon berry. Didn't like it at first but now I love it... I mix this at the same time with my creatine and haven't had any issues.

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you are loving our Fuel 5+. We hope it continues to meet your expectations and help you reach your fitness goals. Keep up the great work!

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