Shield + Protect

Antimicrobial Friction Reducer

  • Formulated for active people who experience skin irritation, inflammation, odor from perspiration and chafing
  • Helps retain moisture while working as a natural antiseptic
  • Antimicrobial properties too help reduce inflammation
  • Dermatologist Formulated
  • Informed Sport Certified

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For Skin Irritation. Inflammation. Odor & Chafing.

Stephanie Pietz

This is the new staple in all my Moto gear bags! I used to get the worst chaffing from my protective knee braces before I started using this product. This is so much more effective and less messy than carrying around baby powder.

Paige Waller

Being a cyclist I ride for many hours at a time. My skin starts to chafe and get irritated, especially in the summer. When I apply Shield + Protect it makes such a difference. I'm no longer worried about my skin, and can focus more on riding!

Jack Huentes

Throughout my football career, I always struggled with chafing. However, ever since I started using Shield + Protect, my experience has completely transformed. I am incredibly grateful that I gave it a try. Now, I no longer suffer from painful irritation or uncomfortable chafing. The best part is that it's extremely simple to apply. All you have to do is apply the lotion, let it dry into a powder, and you're ready to go!

Getting the most out of Shield + Protect

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Perfect for Me

Reduces my irritation

Hi Jordan,

We appreciate the great review! Thanks for the 5-star rating!

travel friendly

exceeded my expectations

Hi Joanne,

Your comment is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your 5-star rating!

Amazing Product, Great Price

greatt for long rides ...may have to reapply but not that much

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! Your comment is greatly appreciated.

Best ever

saving us soccer moms!!!!! shingaurds beware

So Simple, So Good

positive results to date

Hi Jacob,

We appreciate the great review! Thanks for the 5-star rating!

lots of uses

positive so far so Thank you XND

Hi Max,

Your review is greatly appreciated! Many thanks for your 5-star rating!

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