EB Lean Banana Protein Muffins

EB Lean Banana Protein Muffins

All too many times I wish I had an easy, go-to breakfast that was both delicious, AND healthy. Thankfully, Team XND brings out the baker in many of us! Team XND Member, and long time Xendurance product lover, Emily Barna created just the right recipe to satisfy my cravings! These gluten & dairy-free muffins will have you coming back for a second or third! The best part is your whole family will love them too! These are 100% kid approved for even the pickiest eaters.

Please note: Emily used a silicon muffin mold to bake her muffins! If you are using a traditional metal muffin tin you will want to adjust the bake time! Check your muffins around 9-10 minutes with a toothpick to create the perfect bake!

We want to see what you come up with! Make sure you tag us on Instagram and Facebook will all your Xendurance recipes and creations.

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