What Is Alphasize GPC & Why Is It Better Than Choline

What Is Alphasize GPC & Why Is It Better Than Choline

Put your “energy” drink down. Grab the container or spin the drink around and look at the supplement facts box. Do you see the ingredient AlphaSize®? 

Why should you care if it says AlphaSize? What if the ingredient list says CDP-choline? If you see either one, it’s important to know the difference between the two ingredients so you can gauge the results of both. Most of you have probably never heard of either alphasize or CDP-choline. Right? So what is alphasize? What is the difference between CDP-choline vs alphasize? 

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The Difference Between CDP-Choline vs Alpha GPC

As we all search for the latest and greatest energy, focus and brain booster product, it is rare to find AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) on a label. We will call it alphaSize, alpha GPC or A-GPC for short. Are you confused yet? Keep reading because to learn more about it.

What is alphasize GPC? AlphaSize is recognized as the "premier" CDP-choline donor, especially compared to other forms of choline that offer reduced bioavailability. Basically, Alphasize is a refined form of alpha GPC that is the most absorbable, therefor provides greater amounts of choline in the body compared to any other type of supplemental choline. AlphaSize being it the compound that provides more choline, is a very special nutrient that has been shown to significantly increase acetylcholine (AC) levels in the brain. To get you informed about it, here's a great explanation about what acetylcholine is.

What Is Acetylcholine And How Does It Benefit Your Brain?

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter or a chemical messenger that signals to other cells to help with several brain functions, it is the neurotransmitter that influences parasympathetic nervous system and are responsible for brain and muscle function. If that is too confusing just know that if you have too little or too much there may be neurological consequences such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease. It is composed of acetic acid and choline and is a part of the cholinergic system.

Alphasize not only increases acetylcholine in the brain, alphaSize is considered to be one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world, and is used widely in clinical settings around the world involving memory.

AlphaSize also has an interesting utility in "mind-to-muscle" sports nutrition formulations, where it acts to optimize muscular power output, sharpen agility, and also delay mental fatigue. This is due to its action involving motor unit activation of muscle fibers and subsequent muscle contraction, as well as due to its mental sharpness benefits.

AlphaSize can physiologically outperform caffeine with respect to both mental and physical functions, with real measurable performance benefits. 

So if the energy drink in your hand shows alpha-GPC or CDP-choline as a nootropic ingredient, what is the real difference? Who wins the best in class; CDP-choline vs alpha GPC? The claims on the product label and the website may show research for enhanced memory, clarity, focus, etc, but why is AlphaSize® A-GPC superior to CDP-choline? Let’s now discuss choline so you can compare.

What Is Choline?

We all need choline as it effects several bodily functions. Choline is an essential nutrient but it is neither a vitamin or a mineral. Sometimes, however, it is thought of as part of the vitamin B complex because it has similarities. 

Choline is an organic compound that you must obtain through your daily diet. Your liver may provide some choline but most of the choline can be found in meats, eggs, dairy, beans, nuts and whole grains to name a few. It supports your liver and lipid metabolism, your brain, memory and mood. It assists cells in forming and repairing membranes and also helps muscle movement. We all need choline but we again need to ask the question; which is better; CDP-choline vs alpha GPC?

Great question; but how does your choice between CDP-choline & alpha GPC effect your health goals of energy, focus and memory? 

Here are a few facts to consider. 

Out of all other choline sources, CDP-choline is the only one that has the ability to influence the brain and provide benefit there. But alphaSize’s claim is that it is more effective than CDP-choline in doing this with ancillary benefits as well. So the issue is not necessarily to refute that CDP-choline is not effective at all but that alphaSize is much more effective. 

Facts On AlphaSize® That Show Why It Is So Effective.

AlphaSize® A-GPC provides a 40% choline load by weight. CDP choline provides 22%. Meaning you must use roughly twice as much to achieve the same choline load. 

  1. AlphaSize® A-GPC consistently outperforms CDP-choline in every study whether oral or IM.
  2. AlphaSize® A-GPC works faster than CDP-choline and is generally more thorough in its effects.
  3. AlphaSize® A-GPC has multiple other benefits that CDP-choline has no proven efficacy for:
  • Increased power output
  • Sports performance
  • HGH level increases

Facts On Choline:

  1. Boosts metabolism
  2. Helps protect the heart
  3. Helps reduce fatty liver disease
  4. Boosts memory and cognition

You may find several studies that show CDP-choline does have benefits for the brain but if the studies are direct comparisons to AlphaSize® A-GPC, CDP-choline will be outperformed every time. 

The patented AlphaSize® A-GPC has a recommended starting (active) dose of 150 mg per alpha GPC supplement. If you see a choline source you may want to ask if it is from China, what type and how much of it is active? And it is good to note that choline bitartrate is the least potent choline donor ingredient. 

Here is an overview on the scientifically validated and incredible benefits of AlphaSize® A-GPC:

AlphaSize® A-GPC Overview: Why It Is More Effective Than Choline

  • The world’s most rapid and potent precursor of acetylcholine – the body’s primary neurotransmitter involved in cognition and muscle engagement.
  • FDA full GRAS – hence proven 100% safe for use in every formulation imaginable.
  • Supported by a USP Monograph (already in USP publication with full USP publication in December, 2019) – attesting to the absolute highest safety, quality, and regulatory standards.
  • Only brand of A-GPC validated by numerous research studies to improve memory, focus, recall, learning.
  • Also provide significant benefit to physical performance, power, strength, agility, eye hand coordination, gaming use.
  • Provides the most bioavailable source of choline – as demonstrated in numerous published papers.
  • Tasteless, colorless, odorless, 100% water soluble, and stable.
  • Demonstrated in published studies to outperform other choline sources.
  • Provides real, natural, energy, for people of all ages – better than caffeine, with no crash, and can replace or even boost caffeine.
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA inspected facility in Italy, and patent protected.
  • Mode of action: Potent natural precursor to immediate biosynthesis of acetylcholine and improved neuron function, better than CDP-choline (pub. papers show it), and the fact that choline bitartrate/chloride are not involved in brain metabolism (3 pub. papers show this).
  • Used widely for Alzheimer’s disease dementia, brain injury, and for improved mental performance in healthy persons.
  • Water soluble, IGEN Non-GMO Certified, non-soy.
  • Patented.
  • AlphaSize® A-GPC is the only one that has ever been tested in any study. Safe, no genotoxins or endotoxins, no AERs.

In your journey for energy, focus and memory, the alpha GPC supplement or drink that you choose should help provide you with the results you need. 

Do you want to focus without jitters or crash? Do you want to minimize the brain fog we all sometimes get? Maybe concentrate a little better on that test? Choose wisely so you can stay focused on the important things in life!


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