The Big 5 For Fire From A Firefighter

The Big 5 For Fire From A Firefighter

Firefighting is an inherently dangerous job. Movies like "Backdraft" and shows like "Chicago Fire" exploit all the glorious hazards of going into and on top of burning structures, saving people from precarious situations, and working in hazardous environments.  However, these...
on December 08, 2022
Supplement Strategy To Reduce Healthcare Costs

New Study Reveals Use Of Dietary Supplements Is One Of The Strategies To Reduce Healthcare Costs

Over two thousand years ago, the Roman poet Virgil once said that "the greatest wealth is health." The statement remains relevant today due to the rising costs of healthcare and hospitalization.  Spending on health-related expenses can put a dent in...
on December 07, 2022
Xendurance Founder Sandy Kellin

The Need For Speed & Supplements: Sandy Kellin, Founder of Xendurance  

As a young, eight-year-old boy, I can remember Christmas Eve, lying in bed and praying to God to just take me. Since I'm asthmatic, suffering an asthma attack and not being able to breathe is something I didn't want to...
on December 05, 2022
9 Ways To Build Your Immune System

9 Ways To Build Your Immune System

A viral infection can set you back several days or even a couple of weeks. And with flu season right around the corner, we're all looking for ways to boost our immune systems fast.     Our immune system plays a crucial...
on December 01, 2022