Tone Your Body and Shrink Your Food Cravings

  • Forslean® has been clinically proven to promote fat loss and lean body mass
  • Helps reduce carb cravings and control blood sugar levels*
  • Minimizes the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugars*
  • Supports elevated metabolic rate, increased fat oxidation and improved insulin activity*
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Tone Your Body. Reduce Food Cravings.

Ivet Dahl

Lean + helps me control my cravings & stick to my macros especially during that time of the month when my appetite changes. So now I don’t have to worry about ruining my progress during those days & can stay on track with Lean +

Olivia Pietro

Since starting Lean+ I have seen noticeable changes in my physique. My legs are leaning out, and my abs are becoming more defined. I'm a huge sweets person, so Lean+ has been such a help in curving that craving!

Lily Morgan

Taking this product has made a remarkable impact on my cravings. I've experienced a significant reduction in hunger throughout the day, and I no longer find myself reaching for unhealthy snacks like chips or sweets. Additionally, I've successfully lowered my body fat percentage thanks to this product!

Don’t Cut Corners, Cut Carbs. Choose Lean+ to tone you up - while melting away the pounds.

See why customers prefer Lean+ over all other supplements – leading to a 4.8-star rating from people just like you.


Proven by rigorous scientific research and tested by unbiased 3rd parties

Patented ingredient Forslean

White Kidney Bean + Chromium Picolinate

Green Tea Extract to Boost Metabolism

Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee

Getting the most out of Lean+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 392 reviews
Less fatigued

No jitters . BJJ competitive athlete. Able to train longer and more consistent with loss of energy between rounds.

Hi Donald,

Thanks for the review! We're always happy to hear feedback from our customers who are using our products to improve their lives.

Lean+ Works

It definitely helps to curb the food cravings, especially at night where the stress cravings for me kick in and leads to consistent weight management. What's great is there isn't any jitters or amped feelings like some others I've tried in the past. I'm skeptical of what I take and trust xendurance because it works and because its helped people I trust thus leading me here.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the awesome review about Lean+. We’re so pleased to hear it's working just as it should and that you’re enjoying it so much!

Michael Damon
Poor customer service

I received my order almost three weeks ago now and have changed my mind on trying it. I have tried returning it by sending multiple emails requesting a return for the order, but no response. This company states 30 days money back guarantee but yet the won’t respond to my multiple email request for a return as the site says to email [****]

Ruby Z
Surprised me

Really did not take it to be as good as they sold it. I have had such a great experience with it, I recommend it to other runners and CrossFit people. Not only does it give me energy, but it keeps me going and my muscles arent as sore.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the product and that it's providing you with the results you were hoping for.


Been enjoying it


Team XND and Lean+ have been a dynamic duo for my fitness journey. The 25% discount is a fantastic added bonus!

Thank you for your positive review of Lean+! We hope you continue to use us and enjoy our discounts!

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