Energy Gels - xendurance
Energy Gels - xendurance
Energy Gels - xendurance
Energy Gels - xendurance
Energy Gels - xendurance
Energy Gels - xendurance

    Energy Gels

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    Xendurance Energy Gel. Not Just For Runners

    Typically - Energy Gels are designed specifically for long distance sports performance. With the contribution of elite athletes from around the world, the Xendurance Energy Gels cater to a broader range of disciplines. The smooth texture and light flavor allows for easy consumption and absorption in the body. The blend of two carbohydrates - maltodextrin & fructose, along with calcium lactate, provide for a premium energy solution. The easy to open tab allows for quick and easy consumption no matter where you are.*

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Diarra Cropper
    Felt amazing!

    Previously ran a 25K and took 2 of the gels with me and took one per hour and it replenished everything that I needed! The taste is amazing and texture is great compared to other gels out there!

    Hi Diarra,

    Thanks so much for your amazing review! We love getting feedback about Energy Gels. We’re so pleased to hear it's working just as it should and that you’re enjoying it so much!

    Kenneth Heavner
    Lighter Gels

    These gels are lighter (not as thick) as some of the gels I have tried. They go down smooth without much water. Good size portion in each pack. I am currently using the Citrus. Going to try the Beery next.

    John Pham Pham
    Perfect pre workout energy hit

    Great taste and consistency.

    Lance Karlos

    These are great.

    greg McGuire
    Great thanks

    Great thanks

    Katarina Tadich
    New favorite gel

    I use these for long runs along with Xendurance Hydro Stix. The gels go down easily. I like to consume 1/2 a gel every 3 miles. This I my new go to gel for races and training runs. I like both flavors available (citrus and berry).

    Brandon Barnes
    Easy to digest during ultras

    Easy to digest during ultras

    Rebekah Silva
    Easy on the tastebuds and

    Easy on the tastebuds and stomach. Perfect

    Michael Hazen
    Best stuff ever !!!

    Best stuff ever !!!

    Patrick Topham
    My Favorite Gels

    The light flavor of these gels make them very easy to swallow and digest during hard efforts. They're also very easy to open while on the bike.

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    Energy gels are 

    Not Just for Runners.

    On The 
    Go Fuel!

    Feeling fatigued during exercise or just need an energy boost? Xendurance engineered Energy Gels are there to replenish the fuel your body needs to perform at peak levels. Take these great-tasting, convenient Energy Gels every 30 minutes or as needed for that “pick me up” feeling. They are also a great addition to your child’s lunch box!*

    for Energy

    Xendurance Energy Gels blend two carbohydrates - maltodextrin & fructose, to deliver efficient energy into your bloodstream when your system needs it the most. These two carbohydrates are easy to digest, fast acting and quickly convert to glucose (energy sources). *

    Lactate - Preferred
    Fuel Over Glucose

    If you exercise or exert your body in anyway - you require energy. Approximately 1/3 of your total carbohydrate energy is from lactate, the rest is from blood glucose and muscle glycogen. Lactate is the body’s preferred fuel over glucose. Your body will use lactate first. The more lactate you use during exercise, the less muscle glycogen you have to use, which means your glycogen stores will last longer and this equates to more energy. Lactate is used in many Xendurance products to provide efficient energy throughout your workout or activity.*

    Light & Silky 
    Smooth Texture

    This great-tasting “fuel” is preservative free with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Both the berry and citrus flavors are dairy free, vegan friendly, gluten free and stimulant free (no caffeine) providing 83 calories and 28g of carbohydrates.*



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