Hydro (20 Pack)

Rapid Hydration, Convenient Stick Packs

  • Robustly fuels your body for elite-level performance*
  • Attacks muscle cramps/weakness no matter your age*
  • Boosts endurance, stamina and recovery speed*
  • Combats fatigue & sluggishness to re-energize your body*
  • Informed Sport Certified*
Flavor: Raspberry Lemonade
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Hydrate. Refuel. Revitalize.

Kyle Nelson

Hydro has to be the best form of any hydration I have used. Huge fan that this is designed to take at anytime of the day. Can easily be added to pre, intra, or post workout drinks to add more flavor with added hydration. It is everything you need to get your electrolytes so you can hydrate and recharge then continue in whatever you do. Could also be taken without anything, just like a pixy stick!

Katie Higgins

Replenishing electrolytes during a workout is essential, especially living in Arizona! It tastes great and keeps me hydrated. I also love combining hydro with other products like Focus & Fuel-5 for workouts that last longer than 2 hours!

Danielle Brandon

It’s light but flavorful, not too salty. Plus I love that it has 5 electrolytes in it!

Hydro vs. Ordinary Drinks

When it’s time to nourish & hydrate after fierce exhaustion or cramps in your legs at night... NOTHING beats the potency of Hydro.


Premier blend of electrolytes & chelated minerals

Only 1 gram of Sugar

Includes patented ingredient Alltamine™ & Lactate

Informed-Sport Certified

Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee

Getting the most out of Hydro

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Krystyna Krakowski
A Definite Must

I’m not sure I could make it through shift without these! The taste is delicious and their highly addictive!

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that our Hydro (20 Pack) are a definite must for anyone looking to stay energized during their busy workday.

Reviewer avatar
Love the taste and keeps me going

Hello my name Jeramie. I’m a triathlon athlete, Spartan contender and industrial athlete by trade. I use Xendurance products to keep me fueled and hydrated throughout my work days workouts and races. The Hydro line of products are the bee’s knees. I enjoy all the flavors of Hydro from the stixs to the pouch. This new flavor is by far my favorite. Thanks Xendurance!!

Hi Jeramie,

We love that you like Hydro and found it helpful. We're pleased to know that it's working for you.

Breanna Smith
Energy and nutrition

I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and sometimes need help keeping my energy level. I hesitated to add anything in since there is so much out there that’s just not quality from a effectiveness and nutrition standpoint, until Hydro Stix. They are portable, flavorful, quality, and literally help me keep going on those days I need it most.

Kelly Kennedy
Delicious and effective

This product helped me through being ill from the side effects of a vaccine. I enjoy mixing it with fresh herbal iced tea!

Dawn Amador
Great for Long workouts.

Keeps me hydrated during long workouts and tastes great.

Awesome! We are so glad to hear that you are loving our Hydro (20 Pack)! We designed it with active individuals like you in mind, so it's great to know that it's working well for you. Thank you for sharing your feedback and keep crushing those workouts!

Joe Fioresi
This Hydro is a Go!

I'm mostly a raspberry lemonade guy, but from time to time the lime is more refreshing. Love it's sugar free and makes up for my days when I'm lacking the electrolytes.

Thank you so much for leaving such a positive review for our Hydro (20 Pack). We're thrilled to hear that you enjoy both the raspberry lemonade and lime flavors. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we hope to continue providing you with refreshing options in the future. Cheers to staying hydrated!

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