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    10年以上にわたって、12の臨床研究がExtremeEnduranceの利点を証明してきました。それらの研究のうちの2つは、ゴールドスタンダード、二重盲検、プラセボ対照、公開された研究です。これらの研究の結果は、痛みの軽減、スタミナの改善、および回復の加速を示しています。 10日間の臨床研究で、ExtremeEnduranceは酸化ストレスの驚異的な39%の減少を示しました。これは、アンチエイジングの利点と細胞の健康を促進するのに役立ちます。多くの情報源は、酸化ストレスが私たちの多くの変性疾患の主な原因であると信じています。ワールドクラスのアスリートは、2008年以来、パフォーマンスのメリットについてExtreme Enduranceを信頼しており、進行中の科学は、体のpHのバランスを取り、フリーラジカルによる損傷と戦うための細胞機能のサポートを懸念するすべての人に全体的な健康上の利点を示しています*


    • 乳酸を26%削減->筋肉痛を軽減/パフォーマンスを向上*
    • 酸化ストレスの39%削減->フリーラジカルによるダメージと戦う*
    • クレアチンキナーゼ(CK)の6倍の減少->より速い筋肉回復時間*
    • 有酸素性作業閾値の増加->長く、より困難に*
    • 72時間以内にメリットを感じ始めます*
    • Informed-Choice&Informed-Sportによる認定**


    The World’s #1 Endurance Supplement for Stamina, Recovery and Soreness

    Impressively-strong stamina & performance supplement

    Say goodbye to frequent muscle fatigue & short-lived energy. Extreme Endurance triggers a powerful boost to stamina & aerobic threshold – helping you hustle through each workout & competitive event with a fierce drive of energy, resilience & longevity. Extreme Endurance is in your system and starts working within 72 hours and you WILL feel the difference.

    Fast-track your muscle recovery

    Rise like the Phoenix and finally conquer soreness & lactic acid buildup – the main culprit of muscle fatigue from exercise. Thanks to Extreme Endurance’s ability to quickly react against muscle trauma and oxidative stress, your next training session or morning jog will leave you feeling renewed - and ready to go again!

    Impressively-strong stamina & performance supplement

    Say goodbye to frequent muscle fatigue & short-lived energy. Extreme Endurance triggers a powerful boost to stamina & aerobic threshold – helping you burst through each workout & sporting event with a brand new, fierce drive of energy, resilience & longevity. Benefits start after just 72 hours, unlike many supplements that need several days or weeks to kick in.

    Steps to take Extreme Endurance for Optimal Results


    Take 3 Tablets Of Extreme Endurance with or without food first thing in the morning


    Take 3 Tablets Of Extreme Endurance with or without food before bed

    Here’s why elite athletes choose Extreme Endurance 

    When it’s time to unleash your inner-Hercules and bounce back stronger than ever… Its very hard to beat the results you will feel with Extreme Endurance.

    BenefitsExtreme EnduranceOther recovery supplements
    Proven by rigorous scientific research and tested by unbiased 3rd parties.
    Proven to reduce lactic acid by 26%
    Proven to reduce oxidative stress by 39%
    Informed-Sport Certified
    Made in the U.S.A & backed by our 100% 30-day money back guarantee. 

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    World-class endurance supplement

    Have peace-of-mind knowing Extreme Endurance is fully compliant with all professional, collegiate and olympic organizations in the world. This formula contains zero banned ingredients – it’s an all-natural, electrolyte mineral supplement & it’s certified ISO 17025 tested for banned substances.

    ✔️ Calcium Carbonate – Strengthens muscle, bone & heart function

    ✔️ Papain – Anti-inflammatory that reduces muscle soreness after exercise

    ✔️ Magnesium – Improves muscle function & may boost athletic performance

    ✔️ Black Pepper Fruit – Powerful antioxidant that enriches nutrient absorption

    ✔️ Selenium, Chromium & Potassium – Vital minerals for growth & recovery

    Proven over decades of clinical testing

    Trust is EVERYTHING. Josh Bridges, former 4X Crossfit games athlete and Navy Seal has used Extreme Endurance for 10 years. Danielle Brandon, Donavan Brazier, Clayton Murphy, Amanda Barnhart… to name a few…. have all trusted that this product helps their chances to podium.
Backed by 12 unique clinical studies (two of which are published, Gold Standard, double blind & placebo controlled), Extreme Endurance is arguably the most researched & proven sports supplement in the world – and it’s formulated w/ 100% natural ingredients for ANYONE of any fitness level.

    Put Extreme Endurance to the Test

    Step 1

    Time or measure your typical training or activity

    Step 2

    Take the daily dose of Extreme Endurance for a minimum of 10 days

    Step 3

    Re-time or measure your typical training or activity and you will see the difference

    The Xendurance Promise

    Informed Sport

    Third-party tested for prohibited substances

    Not Satisfied?

    Return your product within 30 days no questions asked!

    Never Artificial

    No artificial dyes, flavors or sweeteners in our products!

    Finally – the “easy button” for constant soreness & fatigue

    Change your mind? Return it within 30 days for a 100% refund – no questions asked.


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