EARN A TRIP FOR 2 TO UNICO 20°87° - Riviera Maya, Mexico

October 19 -24, 2022

Earn a five night stay for two at the Unico 20°87° Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Set on the stunning white beaches of Riviera Maya, UNICO 20°87° immerses guests in the culture of the region, from the locally-inspired cocktails and cuisines to the art in the rooms. Three unique pools and holistic spa and wellness center drive home a sense of relaxed luxury, while exciting pop-up events insert a touch of spontaneity into the experience.

20°87°Inclusions: Unlimited rounds of golf & spa treatments* 

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You Go. I Go. We Go!

To qualify for this Victory Trip, the Team XND Member will be required to earn a minimum of 20,000 Vcoins from 6/14/2021 - 6/1/2022.

1. Personal & Team Rank Advancements

Each personal and Level 1 Team Member rank advancement that is maintained for 2 out of 11 months earns you and that Team Member 5,000 Vcoins

2. New Sales Volume (over 6 months!)

First time retail customer and Team XND orders from 6/14/2021 - 6/1/2022 completed on your Level 1 will earn you Vcoins toward the Victory Trip. 1 product volume point = 1 Vcoin 

3. Motion App Badges

Badges are awarded when you help others get in motion and purchase a Motion Box or a Pack. 

  • 5x Motion App Badge = 1,000 Vcoins
  • 10x Motion App Badge = 2,000 Vcoins
  • 20x Motion App Badges = 3,000 Vcoins

Read the FAQs below for full details!

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