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Extreme Endurance

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    Clinically Proven.

    For over a decade, 12 clinical studies have proven the benefits of Extreme Endurance. Two of those studies are Gold Standard, double blind, placebo controlled, published studies. The results of those studies show a reduction of soreness, improvement in stamina and an accelerated recovery. In a 10-day clinical study, Extreme Endurance had an astounding 39% reduction in oxidative stress, which helps promote anti-aging benefits and cellular health. Numerous sources believe oxidative stress is the leading cause of many of our degenerative diseases. World class athletes have trusted Extreme Endurance since 2008 for performance benefits and the ongoing science has shown overall health advantages for everyone concerned about balancing their body’s pH and supporting cellular function to fight free radical damage*

    The Benefits:

    • 26% Reduction of Lactic Acid -> Less Muscle Soreness / Improves Performance*
    • 39% Reduction of Oxidative Stress -> Fights Free Radical Damage*
    • 6X Reduction of Creatine Kinase (CK) -> Faster Muscle Recovery Time*
    • Increase in Aerobic Threshold -> Last Longer, Go Harder*
    • Start feeling the benefits within 72 hours*
    • Certified by Informed-Choice & Informed-Sport**

    Clinical Studies:


    Have you ever had a burning sensation in your muscles during intense exercise? This is a signal that your body is being deprived of oxygen - and lactic acid is being created. When your body produces lactic acid, it splits into two ions; lactate ions (lactate) and hydrogen ions (H+) . H+ is the acid in lactic acid. Intramuscular Acidosis – The pH (acid) is not due to lactate but rather the production of H+ which is part of the process of energy released from the breakdown of glucose. As H+ are released, intramuscular pH goes acid leading to fatigue and creates the burning feeling in your muscles during intense exercise. 


    What exactly is this elusive VO2 Max, why is it important to know, how is it measured, and how can you improve your VO2 Max? VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume that goes to the working muscles. In short, we need oxygen to survive and perform daily living activities, not just during exercise. If we want to use oxygen more efficiently by increasing VO2 Max, activities such as nutrition, movement, and breathing all need to be taken into consideration for improvement. We all want to breath better and stronger!



    The same process that causes a car to rust, plays a similar corrosive role in our bodies. It is called oxidation. Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between free radical production vs antioxidants. Antioxidants constantly fight to neutralize free radicals, thereby improving cell function. Oxidative stress can damage cells and contribute to the aging process. Oxidative stress may also play a role in several diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, and diabetes. The goal should be to flood your body with powerful antioxidants and ward off the effects of free radical damage in the body. 


    Health is a daily consideration. Or should be! Whether you are looking for performance, anti-aging or recovery, Extreme Endurance should be taken daily. This proprietary combination of ingredients should be consistently released into your system twice a day for ongoing support. 
    It starts working 48-72 hours after you take it and the science shows the longer you take Extreme Endurance, the greater the benefits. Take it daily!


    Extreme Endurance is not just for athletes. Extreme Endurance has many benefits including lower body acid to help your body be in a more alkaline state. Extreme Endurance helps to buffer the burn you feel when you work out while helping to reduce trauma to your muscles. Add this product to your daily routine for a healthier lifestyle!




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    Extreme Endurance was the very first US sports nutrition supplement certified drug free by LGC; Informed Choice and Informed Sport. LGC is a world-renowned sports doping control and research laboratory, with over 50 years of expertise in anti-doping in sport. LGC has published over 300 scientific papers on methods for detection of trace levels of substances that are prohibited in sport and has over 450 man-years of research into doping control. LGC has been testing supplements and ingredients on behalf of reputable manufacturers and suppliers for over 10 years. It has tested tens of thousands of samples during this time and has also carried out a number of research studies to explore the prevalence of contamination with prohibited substances in products and ingredients. LGC's research into supplements and contamination also includes several administration studies to investigate the levels of prohibited substances that could cause an athlete to fail a doping test. These have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. As a doping control laboratory, LGC works directly with sports authorities, national anti-doping organizations, and national governing bodies worldwide.

    Extreme Endurance will be in your system and working within 48-72 hours. We can confirm this from 12+ years of clinical testing.

    Over the years we have found that some people have a very acidic diet and their diet may interfere with the dissolution of the product in the small intestine. On the other hand, one of our athletes drinks 12 cups of coffee per day and lives on Extreme Endurance with great results! Everyone is different but the few that have had issues cleared up the dissolution problem by limiting acidic drinks, red meat and coffee when taking Extreme Endurance. We now encourage people to take their caffeine within an hour prior or after taking their tablets just as a precaution.

    Extreme Endurance can be taken together with almost every other supplement but many times we tell people they should not combine with any more magnesium or calcium. If you are taking any other product with magnesium or calcium, please contact info@xendurance if you are concerned about the amount you are taking. 

    You don’t cycle with Extreme Endurance. You take it consistently, like a multivitamin; for training, performance and for better body pH and alkalinity. 

    You do not need to take Extreme Endurance with food.