Supplements for Gamers: How Xendurance may be the secret to Esports success

Supplements for Gamers: How Xendurance may be the secret to Esports success
Nootropics have existed in the fitness world for more than 50 years as a way for athletes to enhance their performance. However, these cognitive enhancers are just now starting to spill over into other industries…including the world of Esports.

Only 30 years ago, the concept of Esports – or organized, multiplayer video game competitions involving professional gamers and spectators – was relatively unknown. Nonetheless, the origin of Esports has been traced back as early as the 1970s. The first recorded Esports event, the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics, took place in 1972 at Stanford University and the rise of the internet in the 1990s made competitive gaming even more accessible. With the growth of popularity in PC Games and the invention of YouTube, Esports really began to take off in the 2000s.

In the past 20 years, Esports gained momentum and has transformed into a $1 billion industry with a viewership of more than 450 million. The competitive nature, engagement and accessibility have made it appealing to communities across the globe. Some even believe Esports will soon surpass traditional sports in popularity worldwide.

With the same need for energy, clarity and focus that traditional sports require, gamers and Esports enthusiasts are discovering the benefits of supplements that are designed with consideration for these specific needs.

With these benefits in mind, Xendurance Focus has quickly become a popular pick amongst the Esports community. The proprietary blend of AlphaSize and other widely studied nootropics [ML1] is designed to help combat fatigue, increase concentration and improve memory – all of which are extremely important in the world of competitive gaming.

Because many Esports tournaments last for hours and are fairly fast-paced, maintaining focus under pressure is extremely important amongst competitive gamers. Aside from focus, memory, vision and energy are the three additional areas that tend to dictate gaming performance.

Created from all-natural sources such as green tea and beetroot, Focus helps boost cognitive functioning and concentration without damaging your health. To test if Focus may be right for you, consider playing this brief game on the XND App and get a few samples mailed straight to your door.

Though Focus may be the primary Xendurance product we recommend for gamers, there are several other supplements to consider for staying healthy and reaching your highest level of performance. Xendurance’s Energy Gel is easy to absorb and a great way to achieve the quick bursts of energy that are sometimes required during Esports competitions. Because competitions often run long, we also recommend our electrolyte-packed hydration formula Hydro for keeping hydrated and encourage a good night’s rest.

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